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    Hi Gavin

    Are you able to retrieve my uniqu ID from your stat server? I started up Scorched 38 beta, and then went back to 37.2 and noticed my rank had reset back to bottom of the list!!

    If you can help in anyway, I would be grateful!

    Poolee 😀


    Apollo Tangent

    Re; Scorched 3D beta (38 ba)
    Would anyone try a beta that isn’t Platform specific, ie: Win98/2000, Mac, Linux etc.

    I think we should wait for an Endorsement From Mr Camp before anyone crashes out their stats by trying an un-endorsed beta.

    In the general forums search I found this… you can find it in forum search if you put in beta, or new release.

    Just saw last night that theres a server running Scorched 3d 38(ba).
    This is beta testing? Any idea when new version will hit the populous?

    Any thoughts?


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    Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2004 1:57 pm Post subject:

    Err, so there is. Nothing to do with us I am afraid. Must be an unofficial server.

    38 is progressing well, most of the engine work is complete. So some more graphics, pollishing and then testing and it will be released.

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