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    I dont’ have local admin rights on my work laptop, need it back! I need a way to install scorched to an OS that can run inside windows off a USB flash drive for instance, as a work around.




    Is this a windows machine?
    Can’t you just put Scorched3D on the USB stick?



    Well…. I always did have scorched installed on a flash drive, however, windows requires that the program be “installed”, and I don’t have “sufficient privilidges” any longer. Maybe I missed something, I’ll give it another shot.



    I am both happy (and in a way sad too) to report that I am up and running. Whatever I did the last time was the wrong way, or I simply didn’t cheat hard enough.

    This means wonderful things, I can blast you all to kingdom come all night long, oh yeah, …allllllll niiiight.

    I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out earlier, I figured windows was smart enough not to run any foreign exe program if it wont let you install one.

    Gavin is a genious! (or maybe I’m just a boob)

    no, no, must be the former.



    Heh. Just remember to pack your User-id and mods with you, it may not let
    you store them locally. Did that almost every day for my last few years of
    college. Had Scorched on my thumb-drive and popped it into any college pc
    i found, reguardless of thier install lockouts 😀

    Something that runs Stand-Alone like an old DOS app? Definately Genious..

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