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    I have an nVidia GeForce 4 card and the Mushroom clouds look quite pathetic on mine, compared to the ones in the screenshots. I tried messing with the settings to my video card but it had no effect. I have all the settings to the fullest on Scorched 3D and I’m running it at 1024 x 768 resolution. I suppose it’s not a big deal but if anyone has any suggestions please help me.

    Here is a screen after I shot a nuke:

    I just noticed the screenshot on the main site was from v36. Was it taken out for v36.1?



    Yeah it did start off looking great. But then I tried to run it on a slower machine and it began to crawl when lots of nukes went off at once. So I had to limit it.

    I am looking at adding a setting to allow being able to choose how dense the explosions are to match the given hardware. I will see what happens.



    Oh ok. That sounds like a good idea.



    Wish we could have a nuke like the one in C&C Generals (well maby not that graphix intensive). Tho that one WILL slow down the game quite a bit, tho the effect is REALLY Beautiful and worth it.

    Can we have the nuke make a shallower impact crater but somehow have it melt tanks that close to it but didn’t get hit dirrectly (It would be a lot of fun to maby have a melt animation 🙂 ). Sorta like napalm damage overtime but in a smaller more concentrated radius. Also shields could maby negate this effect?

    Yes I think an option to have the cloud same as in v35 would be great.

    P.S. Keep up the good work!




    What I think wight be a good idea, is if “explotion=huge and camera=follow then zoom_out”
    something like that, so that the camera wouldn’t folow a nuke or a death’s head to the groud. Very beutifull effect to use “camera 9” to get into a position where you know a deaths head wil pass (2/3 along its route to destruction), and fire, then seeing all the warheads fly past you on all sides and blasting the hell out of your opponents (and half the island…)

    Thats fun 😀



    kyrsjo has a good point. It would be cool if the Shot cam would stop a little before the shot hits the ground so you can see all of the explosion and it not be all up in your face (just for the big ones like the funky bomb and the nuke). It would also help prevent a lot of the FPS loss I would think.



    It does prevent one helluva fps loss. And the effect is really cool too 😀

    Just try it:
    1. get youself something BIG, such as a deats head :p
    2. “aim”
    3. place your cam 2/3 along the bombs route, looking towards the blast
    4. fire and enjoy. the sigth of the many warheads flying past you is really great

    I have to do this, unless i get 0.1 FPS when firing somtehing big!

    A “whitelight” on nukes would be great as well

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