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    😯 I have been critisized by a player not to be named lately for using fuel to avoid being shot. I have been called ‘lame’ and ‘coward’ for doing this.
    Now doesn’t it seem sane that if you have no shield and somebody has your range, and you know that you will be killed if you sit there one more shot, that the wise thing to do is put up a shield, or move out of the way. Why the heck does this person think they sell fuel anyway?
    Some people just think that the macho thing to do is ‘take it like a man’. I hope those people are not the ones leading my army into a fight in the real world, or it will end like Custers Last Stand.

    Bill the Cat aka Zilla



    I only say this…..

    “Run Zilla…………! Ruuuuuuuuuuuunn!

    (Then giggle when the shooter misses) 😀



    The Funkinator

    It’s a fair tactic, it’s even funny sometimes.

    Can’t blame someone for saying “Stand still you bugger” though if you do it 🙂

    Can be slightly annoying to everyone else if it’s in the second round though, as likely you’ll only be getting baby missiles and baby rollers chucked at you, so you can almost last indefinately.

    Not something I use, but then it’d suck if everyone used exactly the same tactics.

    -The Funkinator



    Hope i am spelling this right (apache64) here goes

    annn annn 🙂






    @irishbandit wrote:

    Hope i am spelling this right (apache64) here goes

    annn annn 🙂

    aaannnn aaannnnnn…vrum vrum.
    when there going to sound for the movment I hope to rec myself and post the file here so u all can use the AANN AAANNN 😛 😛




    @zilla wrote:

    I have been critisized by a player … for using fuel to avoid being shot. I have been called ‘lame’ and ‘coward’ for doing this.

    SEE? Doesn’t everybody SEE the ridiculousness of all these debates on cowardiceness, honor, fairness, etc.? Pretty soon EVERY tactic will have someone complaining about its unfairness or cowardiceness or dishonorableness.

    For months, some anti-resigners have called resigners dishonorable. But an honorable argument could be made about the converse! Isn’t it dishonorable for someone in a stronger position (i.e. with more tank power) to attack & kill someone in a weaker position (i.e. a tank with lesser tank power)? Isn’t THAT dishonorable?

    Pretty soon it will be to the extreme that I’ve mocked in the game itself :

    • “Waaaaaa! You shot at me before you shot at someone else!”
    • “You saved money & bought bigger weapons to kill me. That’s not fair!”
    • “Boo hoo! You’ve played longer & have more experience.”

    Can’t we all just play along?

    [BTW, BOY’s pictoral editorial on all this whining/debating made me laugh so hard I made it my Windows background! :)]

    [Update : Replaced my background with my pictoral editorial. :)]

    [Update : Replaced my background with “cbx550f” killed self with a “Baby Roller” pictoral. Ha! 😆 ]

    [Update : Replaced my background with DireSoup’s comic-to-live-action conversion. Awesome! 😀 ]



    Not a bad post, Hobbes. Scoring follows:

    • Reasonable use of bold letters: 12 points
    • Use of bullets: 20 points
    • Included humour content: 10 points

    You scored 42. 😉






    well, I don’t buy many weapons and just keep the money. Since that is not the intended use of money, it is CLEARLY unfair and dishonorable. That Ebo is such a pansy. I hate him.





    Oh man.. stryker that little addition – so EVIL.

    Lovin it!



    I just can’t wait for what cbx will say to this.



    Man this is the funniest thread I have read all day. Really awesome guys.

    I had a bad run of it today and prolly whinned a but much, but I finally got the swing of things and got some kills. So I can end the day happy. There really is no reason to complain about tactics in this game. Good players and sports always shine through.

    However I have wondered, doesn’t resigning from a round penalize you in some way?

    Oh and did Gavin increase the odds of a funky death? Man I have seen loads of those in today alone. Not a funky bomb attack. A funky bomb drop when you blowup, from said Funky Bomb attack. 🙂



    @deathstryker wrote:

    I just can’t wait for what cbx will say to this.

    Me too. Cbx! We’re waiting!! 🙂

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