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    “Most users ever online was 194 on Sat Dec 10, 2005 1:46 pm”

    Looks like we beat our record again and a new version hasn’t even been released. I believe the last record was 17X. Good news that we keep doing it though right?

    Anyone know why we had the sudden flood of users? 😕



    Also, does anyone know why the titles on this forum are screwy sometimes?

    I put a ” at the end of the title of the topic and it put “&quo” which I’m guessing is a cutoff of the word “quote”



    don’t know and can’t tell you why.

    glad the people keep rolling in!



    I think Gavin randomly updates this “max” number of users to make it seem as though there is increasing interest in the game 8)



    the ” is something to do with the boards and PHP.

    Programming languages like PHP and specificly in this case – SQL [database] statements – use ticks, ‘ & ” (single & double) .. much much more common they use double.

    So whenever POST data is sent to the database, double quotes are converted:

    From: “
    To: "

    Otherwise you would have something like (example:) “This is “my” test.”

    Well that causes HELL for it, because data is presumed to be starting and stopping, illegally. In that example the word ‘my’ would be techniqly considered a variable not a string constant. And without sufficient crossing between literal and variable it goes crazy.

    It’s something to do with the output, the code is cropped off at:

    &quo (the t; is missing)… i checked the page HTML source.



    Jeez willis, you could’ve just blamed board gremlins.

    I sure as hell do.



    Yes I wonder what sparked that, I’ll have a look at the web logs.



    Nope, no idea. It seems most people hide the refering page these days, bloody security 🙂

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