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    A couple random thoughts/ideas for today…

    First : horizontal mag deflector/directional mag

    I think it would be neat if we had shield options that consisted of a horizontal, rather than vertical, mag. Something that works great against rollers and low deflection shots, for example, but doesn’t do diddly to stop a top-in attack.

    Similarly, I think a mag deflector oriented towards the direction and angle of the turret aim would be REALLY neat. Kind of a forward-facing shield.

    On a seperate request, more wall options would be really neat. I think it’d be cool if perpendicular walls had potentially different types, like if the east/west walls were greys and the north/south were yellows, it’d add an interesting flavor.

    I’d love to see some other wall variants other than grey/blue/yellow, too… perhaps a green wall that warps shots to a mirrored location/angle on the same wall. IE : Shoot southwest to a point on the south wall about 25% from the east edge, it emerges from a point 25% from the west edge heading northwest. It’d be a combination of the bounce and wrap effects to some extent.. you’d bounce, but from a point mirrored to the center of the wall.

    Bounce ceilings would be neat, too.

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