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    I did something pretty dumb today. I made a server and minimized it and decided that I’d I’d change something on it. Well I exited the game and changed things and then I tried to start the server and got misleading error messages. It took me a few seconds to realize that I had tried to make a second server because I had forgotten to exit the first one. 🙄

    Currently, Scorched displays the following messages when you try this. It really isn’t that big of a deal considering I shouldn’t have tried this anyway, but I think the message should display something more obvious for dumb people like me, like, “You cannot run multiple servers. Close the operating server and try again.”


    Brain Damage

    if you cahnge the server port you can run multiple servers on the same machine, a more correct message i think would be “You cannot run multiple servers on the same port. Change the port settings or close the operating server and try again.” if another scorch server is already running on that port; and keep the classsical message if there is not a scorch server that is keeping busy that port, but instead an external program

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