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    A Moogle

    Well, thanks to thrax, I got stats up and running on my MoogleMod server. I have no experience with database systems 😳

    Oh well, it works, so drop by and leave your comments, good or bad! 8)

    BTW: This version is still in Beta, it should be ‘officially’ released within the next 2 weeks. Note that I’m not adding things directly into the beta (so that the beta server doesn’t have to go down) – I’m adding them into an Alpha version.


    A Moogle

    Ok, the ‘Official’ MoogleMod server is up, and will stay up now. Thanks to those that helped.

    When there are any code updates, I will put them on the server. SinglePlayer ability has been removed, and the server should be the ONLY place you’ll be able to download the mod now.

    Thank you, and remember, do NOT anger the creature!


    A Moogle

    And now the computer that had the server and stats is kaput… 😡
    I don’t have the means to get a new one… 😥

    I guess I spoke too soon when I said it would stay up.



    been there before…..

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