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    @A Moogle wrote:

    Yep, I updated. Actually, I just finished it today, April 14.

    Sorry for not getting around to it earlier. 😳

    its ok. If you had some time to look at the forum you’ll see many changes. Theres a mods project for scorched3d on sourceforge now.check it out here
    your welcome to join or if you don’t want to we can upload your mod for you so you don’t have to join.
    Also version 40 is coming along, with many changes in how mods are put
    together and new features for mods and possible new features in the
    game too. Theres some new eye candy in the game, ships sail the water

    if you go look in the doc section of the site your’ll see the tags that are
    going to be in version 40.. but it doesn’t tell you some of the other new changes in how mod are put together, but you can find it in the mod/models section of the fourm.

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    I’ll be checking it out and adding the best stuff to the Best of S3D, so long as thats ok with A moogle.



    while some of the weapons are interesting.. I’m getting some freezing while playing on the rain landscape.

    some of your landscapes bitmaps either need more land or a starting mask
    so you don’t start in the water out in the middle of nowhere. Mainly the cavern landscapes have the most problem.

    You missing alot of icons on many weapons or your using a big white background while make a big white block for the icon. a black block would
    make it clear.(no icon)


    A Moogle

    Yes, some of the bitmaps got corrupted somehow. 👿 I’ve fixed that, along with the freezing issues on Creature Cave. I was getting the freezes too, and I’m not sure what was causing them, but I haven’t been getting them since I reduced the number of static creatures on the ground and put in some flying ones.

    I think I put a startmask in the Creature Cave, but either it doesn’t work, or it was missing from the backup I used to remake the mod.

    @boy: I don’t mind, as long as you give due credit.

    Also, I’m adding the newest version (beta) to my site(.zip format). It probably has some bugs, but I fixed/added a few things – mainly the KSprd/MultiFlare has been scaled down, it was WAY too big, and would often freeze or crash the client.



    Do you really need all the cards weapons? There doesn’t seem to be much difference in any of them?

    the amount of triangles your tank models use could be cut down by getting
    rid of sides that will not be seen.


    A Moogle

    The law card weapons were made to reflect the different types of laws that could be nullified (or popped in) in FFTA. The laws would vary between rank 1 and rank 6, so I put the 6 rank law cards in. I suppose I could remove rank 6… As for the tank models, I’ll work on that when I get the time (between school and bouncing emails back and forth to Nintendo about becoming a licensed developer, I don’t have a ton of time).

    Which reminds me, I’m working on an unofficial GBA game – when I finish, would anyone be interested in having a copy?

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