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    i dont really keep close track of the money awarded for kills, but i have noticed that the last few times i have used a deaths head i have received very little money for the kills, less money for three kills than for one single kill for baby missle it seems.

    is the money awarded factored or divided by the arms level or something? is the purpose of this to discourage the use of deaths heads and such? If so why even have them.

    I cant even make my money back on a deaths head with 8 kills, 4-5 kills is usually tops!

    While i am at it, i would like to complain about the funky deaths, lately it is happening to me several times each game, and the better i seem to be doing the more it happens. It comes from any player near me that is killed and particularly the funkys love me when i make a dead on shot on a fairly close player. Really Really beginning to annoy me. why does this happen so often?



    yes, money awarded is based on weapon used, and has been since I can remember. as a perfect example, I am ranked # 3 for money earned while at # 15 for total kills. I use baby missiles, baby rollers, and baby diggers.

    Besides, DH’s are not “money back” weapons. They are game/round winning weapons by ensuring death for the maximum amount of people.



    Yesterday I had personal experience in this.. and after with what I encountered I must understand to a degree what BOY is saying.

    Yesterday afternoon I hopped in for a few quick rounds before going to class. I was there for a few rounds prior game and 4 rounds of the active game. The second round was a very small very flat map. There was a full 12 players on the map, many in a small cluster a few others on another side, and I on another region.

    I used a Death Head and actually blew away 7 people. Not a typo – seven.

    Did I get my money back? Nope.

    I understand and accept this, however its a rare site anyone even gets 4 kills from a Death Head. Its techniqly not impossible but a death head weapon typicly runs the risk of everyone kills each other first – then the death head lands.

    What I’m getting at is.. could there not be an exponental sort of money increase on weapons.

    Kill #1 = active financial return.
    Kill #2 = active financial return.
    Kill #3 = active financial return.
    Kill #4 > return on Kill #3.
    Kill #5 > return on Kill #4.
    Kill #6 > return on Kill #5.

    How much incease I woudlnt have a good idea for, however I feel it would better award the brains of how the weapon is used. Sure you can use it as a MUST KILL PLAYERX weapon.. but weapons used to “carpet bomb” an area is more of brains then desperation.

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