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    Apollo Tangent

    I have started a group on MSN that displays the Mods I have done, Warp Grid is there, there are a few different Cloud sets that you can take a look at.
    It’s a public group where you can post Mods if you have made them.

    You can see my Mod files here…

    The Tigerstripe camo atst screen shot is there along with the swap file.

    Also a Screen of the hawk and it’s swap file. (like the avatar I use).

    A psychedelic looking shot of rollers and the swap files you can use if you want to try the different look.

    I made a snowflake swap file that looks a little bit more 3D than the 38 version.

    In the Documents section there is a para.wav file that you can swap out if you want to… It’s a voice saying, “Parachutes Deployed”. It’s a little reminder that when you hear it, will prompt you to deploy your’s as well.

    There is also a message board, but that is in no way intended to substitute for this one.

    So a few of you have heard some stuff about the warp grid… If you want to try any of the files there PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Remember to back up your original files into a separate folder…

    And above all feel free to post comments or ideas AND Post your own Mods there as well!

    Also availabe in the group is a chat room, I’m not sure how much use it will get, but it’s there. (It comes with the package).

    Oh and there is a picture there of a guy calling himself Apollo Tangent…
    Which is probably a good reason why you should take a look and HAVE A GOOD LAUGH!!!!!




    Apollo looks like a wrestler.

    Man how is it that most of the people that post on these forums are all older people, like mid/late 20’s. I thought I was old (20) but man about all you guys pretty much are older. When you think of a game crowd you generally think of people in their late teens. At least that’s been my experience on a few other games. I guess Scorched 3D attracts an older crowd.



    I am 32 years old, Deathstryker.




    Well it is true there is the tabu of games and people in thier teens.. but remember the what the age group now be for the teens playing when scorched 2D was new.

    BTW I’m also 20.



    Well I was around 7 when I first started playing it back in 1991 which is young so I guess that makes sense. But it is still kinda strange that you never hear from new younger fans on these boards.


    M. O.

    I’m 40 😯

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