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    Scorched3D wiki – mod section
    learn about mods, and how to make your own (read this before you ask for help making a mod)

    Scorched3D | Current Mods
    Community Created Mod Content

    Installing mods – wiki
    Instructions on installing mods you have downloaded.

    wiki main page
    Everything you ever wanted to know about Scorched3D

    The Sourceforge Mod Project
    project page and downloads:
    the project begins

    3D modeling
    Blender Export Script for Scorched3d models!
    more models download 3D models or post your own

    Modding tools
    read about and discuss useful programs others use to make Scorched3d mod files

    AI design
    how the scorched3D bot program works

    *Admins, please edit or add useful information as necessary – thanks.



    Many thanks for the Version 41 Wiki update. The weapons primatives are described very nicely, so nicely in fact, that I understood most of it on the first reading. Very well done indeed.

    I’m not sure if this idea has been presented …… but, I’d like to see a standard convention for the files, if possible. When I find a file with optional tags left out, I generally edit them in so that anyone that comes behind me can see all of the options that are availabe. Yes, this makes the files a little larger than they have to be but I feel it will make life much easier on future modders. Another thing is tag location. Several tags seem to work fine with little regard to the placement in the file but a standard would allow a template to be fashioned that could be used for future versions. With this in mind, I believe I’m going to have to go though all the files again to see if I’ve got all of the available tags ( I know I don’t) and then adjust my file structure to match the latest Wiki postings.

    For future versions, would it be possible to supply a patch that updates all the files to include the new tags with the default values in the proper location and strip out abandoned tags such as the tags? This would take a terrific amount of work out of the upgrades for the modders and allow transititions to the new version to be much faster to complete.

    I can’t stay awake …. any longer …. Sleeping with my chin on my chesst ….. I hope the above makes sense. All I really wanted to say was THANK YOU, the updates are GREAT!!!

    I must go to bed now. Krieg ohne Hass


    Generalfeldmarschall Erwin J. E. Rommel

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