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    Im interested in making a mod. I am slowly learning how to make weapons, but I do not have a full understanding, or even basic understanding… I do not know every different Explosion type, projectile type, I do not know how to use the Project Velocity, or make something like the Ring of Dirt…… I do not know how to put the files in the right folders, and so forth…

    I was wondering maybe if some of u modders that are experienced could maybe give me a quick rundown with the changed in v38, maybe a few pointers, where files go etc. PLEASE, Im begging u 🙂



    And as far as learning the process goes, ya just gotta jump right in there and start looking through the xml files and anything under the data directory trying to learn what everything looks like and where it goes. If you run into any specific problems, just post about em and we’ll do our best to steer you in the right direction.

    All your modded files should go under .scorched3d/mods//data. The .scorched3d folder is located under /documents and settings/current user/.scorched3d in Windows and ~/.scorched3d/ in Unix I beleive. The directory structure should look exactly like it does in the default data directory where you installed Scorched 3D.

    Here are a few posts that should help a little bit more:

    Apollo’s mod guide (not too involved, but great to start with)

    v39 weapon syntax (stuff in accessories.xml, minus shields)

    Some map creation information

    Some info about tank modelling

    UV mapping tutorial (for texturing models in MilkShape)

    Post with brief explanations of some of the xml error messages

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