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    Got a question for the masses..

    I’ve started setting up the mod packs for downloaders, and wanted to know
    what was more prefered or easier to work with.

    2 generations ago, I served them all as the scorched internal S3M format.
    I’d recieved countless questions on what archive program opened them, or
    how to convert them to Zip.. It was getting tiresome explaining that S3d
    open them inside itself. Plus, as sub-versions changed, each earlier s3m
    became incompatable and rendered useless.

    Last version, I instead packaged the whole mod folders to a rar or zip; letting
    players install them manually. And again got complaints about where to put
    them or how to open them on thier perticular OS..

    I just tried settingthem as S3m.. and my I-explorer diddn’t know how to
    process it. May have believed they were an audio file, only brought me to
    a blank page. So…

    What should I host them as.. Zip packed S3M archives? or Zipped Folder


    Laptops Daddy


    i have an idea. theres a problem with cross platform compatibility, but if we can assume we’re only catering for windows (linux users are well used to looking after themselves and shouldnt have any probs extracting stuff)…

    how about a self extracting rar archive, set to extract by default to ‘%HOMEPATH%.scorched3dmods’?

    ive attached a test. ive had to double up by putting the self extracting (exe) file in a zip (forum security thing), but you won’t have that problem when youre hosting: [attachment=0:dxgab3gr][/attachment:dxgab3gr]
    worth a try?

    far as linux goes, i dont think rar is a good idea. there are tools around to extract, but rars a proprietary format and gnu linux dists dont tend to include/install utils to deal with it by default. how about having zips, with an sfx version as an option for windows.

    or maybe you could just make self-extracting zips (as opposed to rar)



    Not sure about that. Wouldn’t self-extracting files still rely on the OS’s ability
    to read them? Would a Mac, linux, or windows system read the same EXE?

    Cross platform distro’s of the game often rely on the user to build it
    themselves somewhat.
    So far, the only 100% method is the game’s auto-download.

    While there are many forms of archive format, Zip is still the most known. 7z is
    just the latest rip-off of phil kats original creation, as much as it’s fan’s like to
    believe otherwise. RAR, LZH, ARJ, and many others were all common for ages
    Personally, I’d prefer to avoid an auto-executing file. They’re too easily
    infected and passed on. Even if the original was clean, passing thru 3-4
    hands could easily taint it.



    Thrax better *.gz it is the standard archive in linux, and i believe all the windows archive programs support it.


    Laptops Daddy

    yes. i dont really like exe’s either. id go with plain old zip.

    or you could just force people to use s3m like before. i think the file associations problem you encountered is just something people have to learn to deal with. (routine internet use). just put a note on the download page ‘right click and save as’.

    or! have mr c make the windows install set file associations for you. (that could work for both s3m and s3l, i think)



    Hmm.. Tried S3m again (after correcting a folder path.. my bad..), and it
    did start the download process.

    However, We may have to get that association into Scorched soon.


    Since S3m Used to be a popular Audio format in the early BBS/Internet days,
    we have a bit of public awareness to do 😀

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