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    Just working on updating Roofmod for v40.1, and I’ve been chasing my tail for a bit on an error.
    @The XMLNode error dialog wrote:

    Parse Error, File /usr/src/cvs/scorched/share/data/landscapes/defncavern.xml Line:1 Col: 0 Node: defn Error: Failed to find “detail” node

    The actual problem is in texconfined.xml, which is referenced later in the landscapes.xml.

    That sounds confusing, so to summarize:
    And error in a tex.xml file will (may?) show up as an error in the first landscape defn in the landscapes.xml.

    No biggie, really, I mostly just wanted to note it for future reference. 🙂




    Nevermind – I had accidentally named a tex file as “defnconfined.xml” in landscapes.xml. (It should have been texconfined.xml) 😉



    This does remind me that sometimes the error message you get can be hard to figure out where the error is, because it gives you the endding line not the starting line of the error.

    I.e I had an error come up before and it was giving me a line about at the end of the accessory I was working at when the problem was in the middle of the accessory. (Had to use IE to find the starting point of the error) ((Side not) the XML parser for some reason works good at finding error in scorch files, if you can’t find the starting point of the error because it doesn’t give you a correct endding point for the error)



    Here and there I have found errors to be misleading – gone on a few wild goose chases.

    Perhaps we should start posting them here. I always mean to note them, but never remember.

    So, please all, try to post misleading mod errors here. 🙂
    (Yes, I mean YOU too, cbx!)


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