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    I’ve just been told that an MIRV against an unshielded opponent is overkill, or “cheap” in a way. Similar to a funk.

    I’ve never, not once, come across anyone who has voiced this opinion before. So, out of interest, does anyone else happen to feel the same way?

    Are MIRVs over the top?



    MIRV’s are fine – they’re my weapon of choice (when I can afford them).



    Was this a novice or a pro who told you this? I’ve never heard this before either but many weapons on an unshielded opponent is over kill.



    @jdog wrote:

    Was this a novice or a pro who told you this? I’ve never heard this before either but many weapons on an unshielded opponent is over kill.

    A relatively new player (only 41 kills on the main server), which has me wondering if the beginners server has a different “law” of etiquette.


    Crispy Critter

    IMO, MIRVs are expensive enough that they need to be used judiciously. About the only time I use them against an unshielded opponent is when the terrain makes a good shot almost impossible, or when I’m in a poor-distance-judgement mode[1].

    [1] No warp grid here, and, at 1280×1024, the ctrl-G grid is too fine-grained to work with – by the time I counted the squares, i wouldn’t have time to make the shot.



    Hmm, I don’t think so.

    1) The MIRV comes at a relatively fair price, you can still make them count price wise if you get 2 out of 3, but 3 out of 3 does not entirely make them a bundle of recyclable money (aka it dosn’t mean you get you cash back).

    2) MIRV is not like the funky bomb. A person who is leaving a shot to random guess would be a fool to start with a MIRV instead of a test shot. This leaves players with that extra chance to at least get a kill.

    It may be overkill to an unsheilded player but compared to the overkill of a funky bomb or sandhog, but it’s not unreasonable.



    I’d say “No.” I don’t use them myself, but I know you have to have the line just right or miss. And I’ve seen MIRVs not kill an unshielded target, despite having the line. They are definitely not a “fire-and-forget” weapon.



    Anyone who complains about *how* you actually killed them needs to remember…. IT’S JUST A GAME.

    If you want to spend big bucks overkilling someone, then that’s part of…THE GAME.

    Heck, Kolder sends a DH at just me all the time and I’m not whining about overkill and such. (Kolder…come on, maybe just a little overkill?!?) 😉

    The funny thing is that we’re taking this so seriously.




    I totally agree with U Barny. If some1 ‘whines’ bout how you kill them then they take this GAME way to seriously.
    BTW like Ebo i don’t use MIRVs, also like Ebo said u have to be fairly precies with them ❗



    spot one guys this is a game and we play to enjoy ourselves, if someone has made enough money to be able to use higher grade weapons then thats there choice, i would say to whoever said it was overkill to go find an mcb only server where they would be happy or else kill more people get nice weapons and have a heap more fun

    or come and play with the jinx and ill cbx them lol



    Thanks for all the replies.

    Personally, I don’t see them as an expensive weapon (or something to save for) at all. I throw them around in round two and rarely have less money than anyone else at the end. (Unless I happen to be screwing around, which, admittedly, isn’t so rare)



    Well, in a certain way, Missiles (not babies) are overkill against an unshielded target too. And damn cheap.

    The line is where you draw it, and different people or situations make it redrawn often 🙂



    There is no overkill. A kill is a kill, and kills are what it’s ALL about! 😀



    IMO – not at all, we all have the same options, start with the same cash amount, the way I see it, if a weapon is in the inventory, use it, I dont care what round, or whether a player has a shield, some people hate hogs, some hate funks, others hate shields, if you use an expensive weapon early, good luck to you, because if you miss, money wise you are kinda Jacked the rest of the game, “unless your name is Wowbagger” or you are very good, either way you can never please everyone, this is where personal strategy come into play, LIVE and LEARN or DIE and LEARN, with stats being a part of the game now, you better be ready for anything, because some people take stats very seriously, you are a target…. deal with it or die, and if that means using a MIRV on an unshielded player so be it, personally I dont think using a deaths head on an unshielded player with only 1.5 health is overkill!!!!
    this is a kill or be killed game, and……. sorry what was the question again????



    whoever shot you please tell them to pm me to arange a tracer tournament please

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