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    June 23, 2006

    “The MilkShape 3D 1.7.9 comes with new transparency modes, which are useful for modeling trees, fences or hair. And now you can rotate around the current selection in the 3D viewport if you want. See the complete list here:

    * fixed: check + uncheck spheremap disabled transparency
    * added: optional depth sorted triangles
    * added: two-sided lighting for transparent triangles
    * added: transparency mode: alpha reference
    * fixed: small bug in the background image dialog
    * changed: transparent background images are supported now
    * added: reset TCE after scaling and moving the texture
    * added: fit selection in TCE
    * added: rotate around selection in 3d viewport
    * added: show file extension on texture button
    * fixed: a crash when saving .ms3d with empty groups
    * updated: Blitz3D plugin

    You can download it from the MilkShape 3D download page.”

    I haven’t checked out the new transparency modes yet nor do I know what “alpha reference” is, but they sound promising.

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