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    I’ve seen some mods that merge other mods “all-in-one”, but… is it really required to download all of those and then wonder which one is updated and which is something you wanted but it seems that it isn’t complete? Maybe put all those mods which have all updated and unique stuff into S3D but that instead of mods option, maybe we could make gameplay profiles which have specific weapons which will be used, specific maps, specific rules, specific objects, mostly like you’re making your own game rules with something you want. Though, unique mods could still be placed in /globalmods for checking which mods are installed. Reason? Sometimes I want to use Heavy Sandhog in apoc, and play apoc maps on none. Is this even possible?

    And one more suggestion: Auto Defense, which is almost never used by us… could be good if instead of putting shield and parachutes just on round, shields would be immediately activated during shots if shield has been destroyed. Priority of shields can be usermade by making a list of shields which player has and organizes them which he will use first and last. Parachutes can be immediately activated. Cons: Well, might be abusive when player tries to kill player with that kind of defense, but it would be worth of cash this time.



    Merging mods would not work.

    Most mods are specifically designed to rewrite everything in it’s own theme.
    From mcb to Total Conversions. Plus, since many different modders make
    seperate projects, they prefer a sence of poetic license on thier efforts.

    Weapons, defences and environments on each mod are scaled in power
    differently as well, simply to make certian effects possible. The smallest bbm
    in Swars would erase the strongest defence in default with the lightest
    touch; yet in it’s own land, the field is prepared for that level.

    Having them seperated in the game’s lists and allowed to update as you
    join thier official servers is the simplest way to keep them intact.

    Yes, we have all often wished to point the Death-Star at the server-2’s
    resident hoggers.. But i doubt the primary crowd would let you get away
    with it for long 😀

    As for Auto-Def. As it is, there are actually many people that still use
    it. It’s just not used in mains since there’s nothing worthwhile to defend with.
    In Mods, where the choices are better, we often swap shields to suit the
    incoming attack. Players commonly wake the auto-def to prepare them
    for the basics, then adapt as needed.
    It’s also helpful for teaching rookies to remember thier chutes.

    If the server is using the old TurnSimultaneous mode, they don’t want you to reload
    your defences. For servers using the more common TurnSimultaneousNoWait
    mode, We already can reload shields, heal damage, or exchange shields while shots
    are incoming or even while actively taking damage. — If you are clever and prepared.

    Having it Auto-load a shield while in the battle would both get in the way, and
    remove the skill of bait-n-switch tactics. There is no ‘favorite’ list of shields that
    you can prepare, since different defences block different attacks.

    Test out some of the mods with the pro’s. We’ll teach you tricks you wouldn’t
    even concieve in simple default or apoc. We may also let you smash us a few
    times and show you how defences are really supposed to work :D.



    If I manage to download mods actually… 😐



    @tom.K wrote:

    If I manage to download mods actually… 😐

    Being on unstable internet, you should be familiar with download
    managers, such as Get-Right or Orbit.

    Most of the recent mods are in my archive and can be selected from the list at

    The same link that’s always been part of my signature below.

    Add them to the list, set it to chip away at them while it can. Since programs like
    Get-Right can resume safely, you’ll have them eventually.



    @thrax wrote:

    Most of the recent mods are in my archive and can be selected from the list at

    The same link that’s always been part of my signature below.

    That needs to be added to the ‘download’ section of this site, whether as a link (and then preferably with the same styling) or simply listed in the download section.

    I was after direct downloads the other day for pro mod which I wanted to try, but it was taking soo long to download in game and someone came online I wanted to play so cancelled the download.

    Once you re-posted the link there, I remembered I did know it existed, but had forgotten and I’ve been here years, what hope do newbs have of getting easy access to the mods, especially when they’re nervous of joining online players.


    Laptops Daddy

    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    Could I draw your attention to:

    Tho please.

    thrax’s mod page, great as it is, is hosted on the same home connection. downloading from there won’t be any faster than direct from the game.

    I was after direct downloads the other day for pro mod which I wanted to try, but it was taking soo long to download in game and someone came online I wanted to play so cancelled the download.

    ‘Pro Mod High Speed’ is on the list for that purpose. it’s something i set up with armor and hayt. the title does sound a bit ‘Giant Hyper Robot Server’, long time, but it is legit : )

    my suggestion was/is that s3m mod files could have a filetype association with the game. host them on some proper web space, click the link, the mod gets autoinstalled.

    i made an offer to gcamp to cover mod hosting, he said it’s a big server here and easily covered (or similar).

    i think the hurdle is management more than web space or data transfer (with the current number of downloads, at least). ive suggested to thrax that we set up some kind of http manager page. he didnt seem keen on the idea, so… i dont know. if thrax isnt cool with it, i cant help when it comes to mods.



    It’s not the speed that concerns me, it’s that’s I can’t play the game while a mod is being downloaded in game.

    If I downloaded externally through http/ftp whatever it is, I can still play the game.
    Also, newbs will be more likely to try mods if they can grab externally, without worrying that they could end up playing people on a server and sitting staring at the game screen (especially if it’s full screen) for 10-15 mins while a mod downloads will put them off grabbing more.


    Laptops Daddy

    yeah, thought you might say something like that. i do agree.

    tis possible to run more than one instance of the game. i always play in a window – not sure id be able to do it full screen.

    suppose there was a server setting: external mod location: http://etcetc. could be nice. or maybe a central mod store. if you want to host with a listed mod, maybe just select it, and it gets transferred straight from wherever else (eg or something) when people connect, by magic.

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