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    @ Romm- Intersting take on things pal;)
    @ Deathbal–Was on Fox news a while back….then no more about it.

    Links (what I could find):;topic=15366.0

    Spend More?
    Thu, 16 Oct 2008 White House rejects Democrats’ plan for stimulus bill

    Good thing it was rejected-Americans woulda thrown a fit!!

    Edited-Just a thought…… Holy crapola, they were going to slide this in with no public opportunity for us to voice an opinion.–>Shame on them!!



    With the approval of your elected representatives and the continued silence of the Supreme Court, we have, once again, been granted unconstitutional power to do whatever we think is best for you and yours. Thanks you guys, all of you. You’re really swell.

    Rommel, you are once again correct when concerning the Constitution and our continued violations of it. This is why I am not impressed with any, or very few of our current politicians. I’m starting to think they all believe they are kings.

    As I’ve quoted before, “The Constitution is not a suicide pact”, but I do not believe our country could justify that quote with anything concerning the US today. But it does seem to be the stance they are taking on this bail out.

    Congress and the Senate should be replaced with all new people. I know it won’t happen but it would send a clear message that failure has a price.



    It is no secret why this guy was beat down in the polls & debates (They would’nt even let him talk). Take a few minutes of your time to find out why!! I have been watching this guy for quite some time now…..and….honestly….. He was my choice for that white building in D.C.. He foretold of the current crisis & more….. Then, the big boys touted him as a looney old guy. Not so loony now-Is he?
    (Hope he finds a place in our government somewhere-I don’t think they will let him in)

    He is not very wealthy…But, the guy does believe in what is just & right for the U.S.A.
    He has been fighting for us-even now….You just do not hear about it on the news.
    He may be a little old fella….but, with all the passion & heart he shows: He is a Big, Big man in my book!



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