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    um… Hey all i have a question. can any body tell me where to go to get information to create maps? I have been looking up and down the forums and either i am blind or there is no topic that has been replyed to with this info. i see lots of other stuff about maps but not about map creation. if there is already such a post just put a link to it as a reply. thanks for the help. :mrgreen:




    I do have been curious about this, as well if it is possible to design custom tanks?



    that i can tell you is a yes. but you have to have the 3dmodeling software. I believe that the prefered program is Milkshape3D. there is a tutorial here somewhere…

    this is the post in the documentation forum that tells how to do tanks. and how to put them into the S3D files for use.

    But I still want to know how to make maps….




    oops…machine forgot to log me in… 😆




    The easiest way to create a map is to edit the landscape.xml file and change the settings in it. This will allow you to make other randomly generated maps with different looks and to add completely new non random map types.

    To create a new random map, fiddle around with the settings in this file.

    To create a new non random map, create a bitmap containing the height of the land and say what this is called in the landscapes.xml file.

    For examples download Bobirovs mod and have a look at the landscape.xml file. Also have a look at the height maps to see how they work.

    If you have any questions after that jsut ask.



    Here is a brief rundown of creating a static (non-random) landscape for version 37. To make a random map I suggest copying the xml from an original map that most resembles the effect you want and tinkering with the values until you achieve the results you want as best you can.

    Open up the scorched3ddatalandscapes.xml file with a text editor, scroll down to the bottom and have a look at the last landscape that is defined called testbmp. This is an example of what a landscape generated from a height map will look like. You can delete the that are before and after the landscape to enable it and see what it looks like if you would like.

    Explanations of some of the options in the testbmp landscape:


    This is a reference to a 96×96 pixel bmp in /scorched3d/data/landscapes/ that is displayed in the landscape options panel. It should be somewhat representative of the landscape it is portraying.


    This value is used to determine which maps are played on when cycling every round. A higher weight means that the map will appear more often than a map with a lower weight. I generally set this to 100 like all the other maps to give them all an even chance.


    This represents the minimum distance tanks will be allowed to spawn from one another at the start of the round.


    This is the height range over which tanks will be spawned. If you don’t care where tanks spawn on the landscape, set a low minimum and a high maximum. Otherwise you can limit starting areas by carefully adjusting the ranges to suit the map.


    This designates that the heightmap will be retrieved from a file, not randomly generated (notice the type=”file” part instead of type=”generate”). The file is a 256×256 greyscale bmp that represents the height over the entire map and should be located in /scorched3d/data/landscapes/. You should open the hmap3.bmp file yourself with an image editor to get an idea of what is going on. The brighter the shade of grey, the higher the land will be in that corrisponding area of the map. Note: sizes other than 256×256 can be used, though I am not sure what effect it has.



    This part is used to define which texture sets will be used for the landscape. I beleive you can also create your own texture by using type=”file” here as well but I have never done so personally.

    If you would like some more examples you can download the Apocalypse Mod like Gavin suggested. It has several new maps that you can look at if you want.



    uuuugh ever heard of the KISS factor?

    the Keep it Simple Stupid factor?

    heh the easiest way to create a map is to do three things

    firstly copy an existing heightmap greyscale .bmp

    already located in the data/landscapes folder
    copy it to your desktop then rename it to your new map name

    right click on it choose edit and use paintbrush

    start with dark black (as the water line & low) to (light gey wich is high
    mountain peeks)

    once you are done save it & rename it to you new map name
    and copy it back to you landscapes folder

    also do the same with the
    groupedislands-pic.bmp so you have an image to
    see and a checkbox to select when playing custom games

    then its just a matter of copying & pasting back
    an existing script line map
    in landscapes.xml then renaming it to your map name

    example : lets say your name of the map .bmp is (grouped islands)

    grouped Islands
    groupedislands-pic.bmp 100




    oO! make sure you always back up XML files before altering them
    this is very important i have found when making errors
    thats my keep it simple stupid map making tutorial heh

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