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    I would like to make some tank skins, but don’t know the first thing about it. What tools do I need?



    Hello there mate,

    Making tank skins is fairly easy with just a little bit of elbow grease and a plan. WARNING: You can seriously mess up your game if you are not familiar with directories or basic coding principles. If you require help, simply ask, and I can set aside some time to help you out.

    First you need to decide what tank you want to re-skin, once you do that, you need to look for it’s skin in either the mod folder, or the global mods folder. (preform a windows search for these folders, if you cannot locate them, ask me directly and I shall help you find them.)

    Depending on how radical you wish to alter the skin you will need one of these programs, or both.

    – Milkshape 3D
    – Graphics editing program

    I recommend adobe photoshop, or clip studio paint for creating or editing textures. Obviously adobe photoshop is more popular, but clip studio is cost effective and will do much of what you would wish to do in photoshp.

    After you have decided what graphics program to use, you will open the tank’s 2d image/skin in your graphics editor. This is the fun part where you get to be creative and design your skin.

    After you have designed your skin, you simply save it with a file name you can easily locate and reference.

    After you have saved your skin file, you then insert it into the tanks folder of the mod or global mod you have decided to add the tank skin to. WARNING: Do not save your tank skin as the original file name, it will be overwritten when you connect to the server with the original skin and be lost.

    Then you will need a text editor program, notepad will do fine.

    open the tanks.xml file using your text editor and copy/paste the original tank’s definition.

    lets say I wanted to add my new skin to the desert eagle tank in awe. I would simply take this:

    Desert Eagle

    You will need to rename it so the engine doesn’t give you an error.
    and link my new texture like this:

    Custom Desert Eagle Tank Skin Test

    Then you would save your edits as an .xml file in the original location.

    The next step is to locate the original tank mesh file, rename it, and open it up.

    You will need to change each texture path at the very bottom of the ms3d file to match your new skins.

    Save the file as mynewskin.txt

    Run the engine, see if your tank skin was successfully applied.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Perhaps if you need one-to-one guidance, we can set up something over skype or, or my livestream and I can show you how to do this real time.

    All the best,


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