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    Guys I just had an idea.. Alot of people play that second life game. Its a virtual world where you basically live a second life. (weird I know..)

    What if Gavin were to sell a virtual copy/console in the second life world. (it would earn real world profits!). Players could “buy” gavins console and “play” it in their virtual world. (patching them into S3D).

    I havent actually played second life, but it could be a unique way to attract millions of players and make $$$ to boot! 😛





    Kinda doesn’t make any sense for me at all (Buy a virtual console and play S3D on it… [Playing a game in a game]). Mostly that’s why ads are used for. However, not everyone wants to make money from something…



    very unique idea, might attract some, but i have enough problems to handle in my real life and to have possible additional problematic scenarios in another life (virtual) doesnt seem like a good idea to me 😀

    though one might find the virtual world too good and less problematic and decide to ignore the real life’s problems et al and stay inside the virtual world and crash and burn in the real life. 😀



    …a second life ?….does that mean I would get to drink twice as much Stoli? :D/

    uhoh…no way…..Id have twice a s many ex-wives! ](*,)



    Very good idea Bunny boiler.

    Those second life people must have no life at all to put so much time into a video game. Perfect S3D canididates 😀

    It would depend on the progamming used in secondlife for how easily scorched could be incorporated so the game would play inside the other game rather than launch seperately (which the computers probably wouldn’t like much).

    Although I’m not sure it would work, second life seems to be an OTT chat room from I’ve seen over the years on various shows, playing games would distract from that, even though a lot of us use scorched as a meeting place ourselves.

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