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    I have decided to get a new PMP, “personnal media player”
    so far I want to get the cowon A3, it supports more codecs than you can shake a stick at, right now I have the Sansa E200 with a running system called Rockbox that will allow me to play FLAC files, but this new unit does not need a seperate program to run FLAC, also the A3 supports Divx video file with resolution up to 1280720, without any need to convert it, WOOHOO!

    The reason I am posting this is I have been searching for awhile for a PMP to fit my needs and so far this seems to be it, but I was wondering if anyone has come across any other unit that supports DivX and FLAC?
    if you have come across anything comparable to this unit please shoot me a link, I would truly appreciate it 😉

    here is a link to the Cowon A3 with all the specs, price and even a video!




    Looks pretty cool.
    Can’t afford anything like that myself, so don’t tend to look, but I’m a creative fan boy, so if asked now what I’d like, it would be theres.

    Not alot of use, but hey, its me, I just like babbling.

    Did make myself chuckle scanning the specs tho, saw FLAC in movie player, had me scratching my head thinking, ‘thats not a video codec, is it? Has they evolved it, have they messed up…. oh, its the audio codec for movies, idiot’

    See, useful ain’t I.

    I’m just glad your not going on about the crappy iPod POS.

    I must now sleep, good nite world!

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