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    Hello all.This post i decided to make after our nice game is calling “all top noobs vs 1”.I dont know what problems you have all,but i think 9 on 1 is not fair.So i have an idea:everybody who want to show me something or tell me something post here.If you want to play duel with me to verify your skill – post here.I think most problems have apollo tangent,wowbagger,redi and newb ranked 7th aka ((dirt)Bot) Blue Oyster etc.

    I think there is no reason to be 1st ranked on this server,because every newb cant get 1st place by kills and last place by skill (cheers Apollo)…But i want to be 1st and i will.So dont worry everybody, you can relax and shoot at me funkies or DH on 1st move of every round because i like to feel how chickens trying to make me loose.

    to Gavin

    I know you can BAN me right now,because your top chicke..i mean top players dont like (but nobody knows why) and i understand you.But give them a chance to explain their attitude to me.I think many peoples want to know answers on question “who and why dont like 1 (me)”.

    p.s. I think words “noobs” and “chickens” are not bad language,because they were used by many other top players to me.



    Scorch needs a “mom”

    I am an anonymous top 25 player who has seen you play frequently, 1, and I read alot of these topics so i know what is going on. You are a very good player, in my opinion, one of the best. I have no grudge with you, but you frequently make immature cut downs to other players and use rude languge (you are not the only one doing it, i know). Obviously you have offended some poeple.

    I do not know how all this started, but i think that you are feeling like you are not recoginized for your skills or something, and that is one of the reasons why you want to replace Apollo Tangent in the kills ranking. Let go of your pride. You know you are good, right?

    To resolve this situation there needs to be someone to say “I’m sorry, I was rude”, AND then the other(s) need to say “OK, I forgive you”
    I realize that we might be dealing with some litteral children here but lets ACT like mature people!

    First, 1, you must have figured out that you have offended some people, and you are the only one it seems, that is on your side of this dispute. That is telling, isn’t it? That means that it would be easiest if you were to appologize. Howver, it would be nice if some regular posters would get in and say, “I will forgive 1, if he says he is sorry, and starts being nicer”

    Yes, i do realize that this is a totally moral concept for some immoral people out there, but seriously, the one who appologizes or is willing to forgive first, IS a bigger man, really. You know it to be true.

    Another thing, pestering and name calling Mr. Camp will not help you at all. It will get you banned. Right now you are lucky you are not banned because to my knowledge no one ever has been banned, yet. I am willing to bet Administration has not banned you because he does not want it to become a blemish on his game. He is probably hoping this problem will resolve itself. YOU can resolve it. Do it before more administrators are picked, some of them may not like you.


    AN IDEA:
    This might be sort of like have a clan but I would propose that someone come up with a code. The kind of code followed by war veterans, or bothers. Those who follow the code stick together and dont ridecule each other. When someone who does not follow the code makes a mean cutdown or whatever, all the players who do follow, eliminate that player. Something like that anyway



    I see how you get all your kills 1. I watch you when i get a chance, it’s not hard to find you because your always on. You feast on noobs when no top players are on the server and you dig them exclusively.(I still cant figure out why they never use chutes).

    As a matter of fact I think by you putting up this post you just signed your own Death Warrant. You may call yourself “1” because you thing you will take over 1st place, But I am calling on all top players to make you thier #”1″ target.

    It’s a shame you cant just play the game and have a good time like the rest of us, but it seems that you are angry when you play. In fact when i see your in the room I usually dont even come in to play. You do have some decent skills but you’d get alot farther if you tried some people skills.

    And by the way “Little Lamb” Gavin has banned 2 players that I know of,
    Mokelok in 37 and Scott Joplin in 38.

    I wasnt going to reply to this post because I know you feed on all the attention and it fuels your fire, but I couldnt help myself it was just too inviting. Thats All.



    Im here just to say that i dont have any problems with you
    U have’nt offended me
    iI woluldnt make you thier #”1″ target , cos i dont heve reason to do that
    (even if u re higher in ranks than me)
    So dont say :all top noobs vs 1
    see ya in the server:)



    IT WAS ME /
    / l



    Interesting quote:
    “You attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

    I, too, have played with you, 1, and while I don’t have any “issues” with you, I do think your attitude could improve somewhat. Yes, you do have some shooting skills, which are far better than mine, but the people skills are qite lacking. You seem ready to take offence at anything anybody might say, hold a grudge for eternity, and put down the noobs rather than help them. Your first sentence in this post is quite telling:

    1 wrote:
    Hello all.This post i decided to make after our nice game is calling “all top noobs vs 1”.

    Rather than refer to the offending parties as “players” or “people”, you instead call them “noobs”. You’re also lumping all the top players in the same group of “noobs” when later in the post you name only 4 specific people. Not the best way to take the moral high road.

    Have you ever honestly complimented anyone on a shot they made? It seems to me that when you get killed, if you bother to say anything at all, it’s more along the lines of “Lucky!” or “whatever…”. Anytime you do type in “ns” it’s usually followed by an insult, like “noob”, “dork”, “moron”, or worse. Most of the time, though, you’re cursing your own missed shots.

    In case you are not aware of it, many players seem to think that you are the player formerly known as Mokelok, who stepped on many toes back in v37. I personally doubt that you are, but the attitude coupled with the decent shooting and penchant for noobs certainly brings to mind that legacy.

    You have stated that you intend to become #1 for kills, and thus the top ranked player in Scorched. A worthy goal. But surely you can accomplish that while being a person at the same time. Most of the players here are playing the game for the fun and the community, which is rather better than that for most games out there. Ranking is second for them. It is by the virtue of his immense playing time that Apollo Tangent is the #1 player, and I foresee that he will remain there for the duration of the v38 incarnation, unless he stops playing Scorched for some reason. Of the few players that are solely playing for the stats and bragging rights, well, no one likes a rotten apple, and it appears you’re finding that out the hard way.

    Which is not to say that 1 is solely to blame. Whoever started whatever happened between 1 and each of his nemeses, it is clear that each of you blames the other, and neither side is going to let it die. 1 simply rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, and in the course of normal in-game conversation, it was discovered that several top players felt the same way about him. Mob mentality kicks in, and so nearly anytime 1 is playing, one of his fan club is there to make his life hell.

    Realistically, I don’t see an end to it. Even if 1 demonstrably improves his attitude, those with grudges against him will be doubtful and then prod him, trying to prove he’s just faking it. Self-fulfilling prophesy, 1 will get frustrated that the others haven’t changed, and go back to the way he was before.

    Just a vicious cycle, people. Over a freaking game. Both sides need to let it go, but I doubt that will happen.


    Apollo Tangent

    Dr. King said, He dreamed of a day, where His Children would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the “content” of their character.

    So what I would say to you player (1) is;

    “You should focus on being part of the community rather than trying to dominate it”.

    If you had made any positive contributions to the community, either by posting help in the forums, helping “real” newbies in the game or any other “positive” re-enforcement, the people in this gmae might feel some compassion for you.

    The fact is, you have been very insulting towards others. You have stated that you will be top ranked on the stats. If that happens “so be it”.

    Being top ranked won’t stop anyone from shooting at you, as a matter of fact, being top ranked draws more fire from everyone in the game. So if you are going to start crying about people targeting you now, then I advise you to keep a bucket nearby to catch all of your tears. 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

    You have a big EGO (1) but the problem is, regardless of whatever skills you have in accuracy, your “social skills” are way off target.

    You have a thin skin. Here where I come from that means; “Your emotions are easily hurt”.

    I’m going to state a fact now, so take notice!

    You will suffer from the “mob mentality” because you are naming names. You have focused your frustration on me, wowbagger, redi, and hoopy frood among others.

    Hoopy Frood decided that He will no longer play the game because YOU took the fun out of it for him. What will happen now is: Gavin has given a select few players Administrative powers to kick and Ban.

    In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time until you are banned.

    When that happens, people will feel a great sense of relief that you are gone. Not because you are a threat against any one of them, but because nobody admires or respects you for your social skills.

    When that happens, you will post here, using all kinds of offensive language and openly debasing players by name. You can stomp your feet all you want (1).

    We have become familiar with the post ban diatribe. Quite frankly (1) the people are looking forward to seeing it. “For entertainment purposes”.

    At this time, I’d like to “Apollo-Gize” lol (apologize) to the readers of this post that find my strait forwardness too harsh. (1) has taken away the grey area to which many people judge him and that’s not my fault. It is his fault. Hence I don’t feel compelled to mince my words.

    😆 Congrats to those whom have asked for and recieved Admin powers. I’m confident that the volunteers for this position will use the power as it is intended to be used. 😆

    Apollo Tangent

    (Top ranked for now, soon to lose it to Wowbagger” Congrats in advanced WOW you deserve it. 😛



    Hi 1,

    It feels like we’ve been here before.

    There are many ‘top noobs’ who play this game perfectly well. We kill each other on a regular basis, wind each other up and we all seem to get on.

    The problem is, if you attack the game players as a group (and I mean verbally) we tend to get defensive. If you really do want to get on with all of us just stop slagging us off and you’ll find we’re really nice people.

    There again, if you think nice people are a bit of a joke and you can’t loose the juvenile attitude then you’ll probably find out where the door is real soon (rank or not).

    And if you can remember my name, then you’re probably the person we all think you are anyway.

    best regards




    Hmmm…. A name from the past. WB Xal !!! I just wonder who youve been playing as in 38, Or have you played at all yet?



    Sorry that was me / 😀



    This is an example of why this guy will never change. If he read any of the posts about him you think he would try to change his attidude. Or as better said by Apollo “social skills”

    Fri Jan 28 16:37:20 2005 – “1” killed “Wowbagger” with a “Baby Roller”
    Fri Jan 28 16:37:22 2005 – “Wowbagger” killed “1” with a “Baby Roller”
    Fri Jan 28 16:37:26 2005 – Saddistic Fungus: oh hell come on
    Fri Jan 28 16:37:32 2005 – 1 (Dead): .
    Fri Jan 28 16:37:32 2005 – 1 (Dead): .
    Fri Jan 28 16:37:36 2005 – 1 (Dead): .
    Fri Jan 28 16:37:36 2005 – 1 (Dead): .
    Fri Jan 28 16:37:36 2005 – 1 (Dead): .
    Fri Jan 28 16:37:36 2005 – 1 (Dead): .
    Fri Jan 28 16:37:52 2005 – Player disconnected “Saddistic Fungus”
    Fri Jan 28 16:37:52 2005 – Player disconnected “Player 24”
    Fri Jan 28 16:38:30 2005 – 1 (Dead): wrong move,wowka
    Fri Jan 28 16:38:38 2005 – 1 (Dead): here is only you
    Fri Jan 28 16:38:45 2005 – 1 (Dead): nobody help you now
    Fri Jan 28 16:39:04 2005 – 1 (Dead): you are my 1st shoot target
    Fri Jan 28 16:39:13 2005 – 1 (Dead): 🙂
    Fri Jan 28 16:40:46 2005 – “Kenshin” killed “god” with a “Napalm”
    Fri Jan 28 16:41:04 2005 – god (Dead): g2g
    Fri Jan 28 16:41:06 2005 – Next Round
    Fri Jan 28 16:41:14 2005 – Kenshin: cya
    Fri Jan 28 16:41:28 2005 – Player connected “Player 25”
    Fri Jan 28 16:41:51 2005 – 1: .
    Fri Jan 28 16:41:52 2005 – 1: .
    Fri Jan 28 16:42:07 2005 – Player “god” has been kicked from the server
    Fri Jan 28 16:42:07 2005 – Wowbagger’s Move
    Fri Jan 28 16:42:07 2005 – Player disconnected “god”
    Fri Jan 28 16:42:40 2005 – 1: .
    Fri Jan 28 16:43:08 2005 – 1: petia ti suka
    Fri Jan 28 16:43:12 2005 – 1: 🙂
    Fri Jan 28 16:43:12 2005 – Wowbagger’s Move
    Fri Jan 28 16:43:19 2005 – Kenshin: venucha suka
    Fri Jan 28 16:44:05 2005 – “Jimmys” killed “unlogic” with a “MIRV”
    Fri Jan 28 16:44:09 2005 – “Wowbagger” killed “1” with a “Funky Bomb”
    Fri Jan 28 16:44:18 2005 – 1 (Dead): .
    Fri Jan 28 16:44:21 2005 – Player playing “Player 25″->”Willis”
    Fri Jan 28 16:44:21 2005 – Welcome back Willis, you are ranked 6
    Fri Jan 28 16:44:40 2005 – Wowbagger: hey willis
    Fri Jan 28 16:44:44 2005 – Wowbagger’s Move
    Fri Jan 28 16:44:46 2005 – Willis (Dead): sup?
    Fri Jan 28 16:44:53 2005 – Wowbagger: just a hi
    Fri Jan 28 16:44:54 2005 – Kenshin: hey willis
    Fri Jan 28 16:45:00 2005 – Willis (Dead): hi ken
    Fri Jan 28 16:45:37 2005 – “Wowbagger” killed “Peter” with a “Baby Roller”
    Fri Jan 28 16:46:23 2005 – Wowbagger’s Move
    Fri Jan 28 16:46:33 2005 – 1 (Dead): what a lmao use funky in the middle of game
    Fri Jan 28 16:46:38 2005 – 1 (Dead): to get 1 frag (me)
    Fri Jan 28 16:46:42 2005 – 1 (Dead): lol
    Fri Jan 28 16:48:04 2005 – Player disconnected “1”

    See how he feels the need to single me out. This is why i usually leave when he comes in or don’t join a game when he’s playing. Its just not fun.



    I’ve finished exams now, so it’s about time I changed my name back. You’ll probably see me a bit more from now on.



    it’s not really my place to say, seeing as i’m pretty new, and my opinion won’t be worth a hell of a lot.

    but, i’ve been playing a lot with 1 the past week or so, i’ve blown him up many times simply because of his high rank, and to me it really doesn’t seem like he holds much of a grudge.

    he may be a little over-enthusiastic at times, perhaps a little ‘jokey’, but he doesn’t seem like an intentionally bad guy.

    as to the dialogue Wowbagger posted, i wasn’t there so i can’t be sure of the ‘atmosphere’ at the time, but that seemed to me like simple competitive conversation that has maybe been mis-interpreted to mean more than it did. but like i said, i wasn’t there so excuse me if i’m wrong.

    over the past few days i’ve seen 1 recieving a lot more abuse than he’s been giving out, one of the players continually mocking his mother etc, another player going on an all out verbal assault. and the only response to this i’ve seen from 1 was to make a complaint about it on the forum.

    it doesn’t seem at all fair for 1 to be singled out like this, but, i haven’t been around long, i don’t know the whole story, i’m just stating what little i’ve seen.

    i’ll shut up now. 😉



    Its nice to have all sides, cheers.



    @Apollo Tangent wrote:

    Hoopy Frood decided that He will no longer play the game because YOU took the fun out of it for him.

    Just a vicious cycle, people. Over a freaking game.

    Awwww … And I was just about to install V38 & start playing again …. just kidding.

    But, to some degree, I’m not kidding. I held back installing V38 for work reasons, but reading the forums lately hasn’t really encouraged me to rejoin.

    It seems we’ve traded one Mokelok for another two or three of them (1, Dipswitch, any others??). I guess it’s bound to happen to all good games, sooner or later. Some people just love to spoil games rather than enjoy them.

    Oh well. I had a good run with V37 last year.

    It was a pleasure to play with some of the great players — great not just in skill, but attitude, humor, playfulness, community, etc. :

    • Girlberry, aka Gooseberry, aka Get a Job!
    • I see Paris, I see France …
    • Houston, we have a problem — we have a Main Bus B ApolloTangent
    • Xal Frequency = 2.2 mHz
    • Her Majesty’s NMS (NoMoreSteve)
    • Dummy’s Guide to Speaking Ebonite in 14 days
    • Lou, Lou, he’s our Man, if he can’t do it …
    • … maybe Jim can! ….. or maybe not …
    • Honey, call the Poolee guy! Our Poolee needs cleaning …
    • Wow, what a windbagger that player is!
    • C(b,x)’ = dC(b,x) / dx
    • Redi or not, no one’s scared
    • Willis? I don’t think I remember Willis …. wait a second, wasn’t he that kid in second grade that always blew himself up with Elmer’s glue or something? he always tried to blow it up on all the other kids but he always missed & got himself all messed up … yeah, I remember him now … yeah, that willis … heh heh
    • Ishmael? Sure, He Mentioned Acronyms … Eh? ok … Later
    • Sugar-coated Hoopy Frood &
    • Chocolate Crispy Critter Puffs
      The start of a well-balanced Scorched diet with 100% of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency’s recommended daily allowance of death & destruction
    • Man, you should have seen Mountain’s family Oysters! I mean, I didn’t mean to look, it was an accident, but man, he’s hung like a ….
    • Shockwave? No, I didn’t see shock’s “wave” too ….. nevermind, you perverts …
    • Paper, Rock, Scissors … Paper always loses, right?
    • Brave Sir Bobirov ran away,
      Bravely ran away, away!
      When danger reared its ugly head,
      He bravely turned his tail and fled;
      O brave Sir Bobirov!
    • Deathstryker, Heartbreaker, Love Taker;
      Don’t you mess around; NO NO NO!
    • Man, those Florida Panthers really sucked this year …
    • … but those Toronto Rapt@rs … well I guess they sucked too

    Anyways, it was great playing with you all last year!

    I’m still pretty busy with TCP-IP, but I’ll keep reading the posts & pretend I’m playing vicariously through your games.

    Thanks guys! Take care.

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