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    Laptops Daddy

    Another logo related thread.

    This is the current load screen:

    Gavin, there’s no way I can match your existing logo (the fire effect) and I cant seem to make a fiery orange of any kind work with the new site concept.

    I guess you’re going to want any new logo (if you go for one) used in-game to match any changes to the site.

    Could something like this work?

    I dont know if it’s too ‘counter-strike’ genre.

    A suggestion, anyway, for the load screen. Instead of a blurred screenshot as the background, could you just reduce the saturation very slightly and up the contrast a little bit? (no blur). That way you could use a really ramped up screenhot with lots of AA and detail to show off the graphics, but itd still be obvious is was a still shot and not a pic of the loading landscape?


    here are a couple of files. the second one has alpha
    just in case this concept appeals at all and youd like to have a go with it. (i imagine youll want to tweak any logo yourself to make it your own)

    *i may have put this in the wrong forum. move if approp?



    Interesting idea, yeah that may work, don’t have any particular affinity to the current text. Would be nice to perhaps have an icon/logo to go with the text though.


    Laptops Daddy

    @gcamp wrote:

    Would be nice to perhaps have an icon/logo to go with the text though.

    agreed. im reluctant to spend too much time on this.

    as a separate project, i could probably come up with something really flashy
    vague concepts:
    but i know there are people around who could make a better job of it.

    that light grey cartoony style worked quite well. how about keeping it simple for now, but look to changing it later once there’s more exposure?

    maybe you could hold an official logo and artwork contest.



    just throwing this in there.




    I like Godzilla 🙂



    confirmation code for account creation seems good enough to me. I don’t need to enter a code on other sites for log in. Its a hastle 🙁

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