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    I have run into this wish quite a few times in the past and again tonight. With things like explosions and napalm and the burn on the landscape, you can select a bmp texture. But, for WeaponLightningyou can only have one texture per mod. I wish there was a is what I’m trying to say.

    I’ll attach a little txt file with an explosion from an old aborted mod I was working on. This was refrenced from other weapons as an explosion, while it uses the WeaponLightning, it is suposed to look more like balls of flames. It would look much cooler if there were like 3 offset a little bit with a red, orange, and yellow texture.

    Smoke texture would be less usefull, and harder to change (I guess?). I think the normal smoke looks good, I have made a few custom smoke textures and while they may not look better they look diffrent. [side note, are the smoke01 and smoke02 textures just alternated or something?]

    It would realy only be usefull when using multiple projectiles as nothing but additional smoke trails to add depth to the entire weapons smoke. I am not realy sure how to explain that better, but what I’m trying to say is it would be cool to have an optional and in WeaponProjectile.

    EDIT: I just wanted to say, to anyone reading any of my requests, I havn’t even posted a beta of the last 2 mods I’ve ‘done’. So, all my requests should be pretty far back on the back burner hehe, I am obviously in no hurry.



    That was kind of stupid of me, you at least need the lightning texture I used in that. Its realy old and I cant remember what the is suposed to accomplish at this point.

    Either way this is the texture I used.



    @The ToDO Fairy wrote:

    Added: texture attribute to WeaponLightning to allow different textures to be used



    Smoke textures…..

    i’m curious if it’s feasable..
    with the current explosion texture format, it’s not possible to make a black
    explosion. the closest is a dark-gray, since the images are made to
    contrast the black background.

    and.. with larger explsions, the “dark” slips, and it flash’s a light cloud instead.



    I guess you could make dark explosions by using the noluminance tag.
    I’ll have a look at the smoke if I get time.



    Sweet! I didn’t see it on the todo list, my fault. The smoke texture isn’t nearly as usefull, but what thrax is talking about is something we have talked about before. Is there an easy way to add a texture color invert tag to explosions? So you could make a white explosion texture and invert it?

    Also, aren’t most models going to be animateable and allow transparency next version? Man, its gonna be hard not just making custom explosive models/animations for each explosion. That reminds me to figure out how to acualy use milkshape.

    Arg milkshape…

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