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    Ok, I must be a moron because I cant find this information on the forum here. So I have a b/w elevation map, and a bmp texture. What else exactly do I have to do to use it in the game? How are 3d elements used, by elevation? What xml files do I have to edit? I might want to do custom little models and stuff. Am I missing a faq or something hehe?

    Thanks in advance, sorry for not being able to figure it out on my own.



    No your not a moron. The best way to find out how to make new levels is to look at the games files and mod files.

    Look at the landscape texture files, landscape defn files, and placement files. I say files because in version 40(not out yet) all the landscape files (defn, place, tex)are broken up so you don’t have to edit a big file, just the one relating to the landscape your working on.



    As a first trial, you may want to take one of the mods and rename it, then just make changes one at a time to it.

    For example, if you get the Roofmod (Or Jdog’s, or Apoc), by simply connecting to the server and letting it download, find the file that specifies the heightmap for a landscape, and substitute yours. (the files will be in your .scorched3d/mods directory)

    Happy modding! 🙂


    I likely should make a general “How to mod” section in the Wiki

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