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    For the last several days, The Scavenger Hunt mod has been on extended Marathon mode (8 lives, 50 moves/round).

    When playing the sole bot in this mode, I’ve noticed that in some games, if the bot is down to its last 2 lives, it will NOT make any moves until it is booted. Why is this?

    I’ve only noticed it recently & only in Marathon mode. I don’t know whether it’s due to a recent change in the game or the mod or whether it’s due to the Marathon mode settings.




    Nice to know..

    I have noticed easily that when facing the bot, if the bot kills you, all following shots performed by the bot will be referenced off your old position.

    Only upon killing the bot will it realize your new position.



    @The Scorched Fairy wrote:

    Fixed: Some AIs shooting at old positions when tank moves



    BAH! I forgot to remove Marathon Mode! lol

    I really need to automate that. 😉

    Also – never saw that thing with the bots being booted before either – I’ll try to test for that with v40.1

    Thanks Hobbes



    @cbx550f wrote:

    BAH! I forgot to remove Marathon Mode! lol
    I really need to automate that. 😉

    Hey, don’t remove Marathon Mode on my account. I prefer it. Especially against bots. If you’re gonna play solo against a bot, it’s more fun to accumulate massive amounts of weapons & then majorly kick the bot’s ass.

    The only change I’d make to Marathon mode is to increase the number of initial BBMs. 25 BBMs for 50 moves is too few. I know it’s an incentive to force the player to acquire other weapons, but 25 is too few. Maybe 40 or 35 at worst, but half is too few.

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