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    pastor of muppets

    I could bring up all kinds of stuff, dirting, resigining square counting, wahtever, and more. I’m just saying the game has been turned into a political game. I was just here to play have fun go to bed but…let me just say the game was meant to be played not mastered so you masters of the game I tip my hat but I’m gone for a while. Some of the greats have been ran off and grats to the new greats masters anyway have fun with the new game you have made I hope you enjoy. I will be back but it may be a while. I’m tired of it all if I wanted a math class I would have gone to college here I relied on instinct and the joy of the game. CYAZ for a bit!!!!!!!!



    Hate to see you go bro,
    but everyone needs a break from da game.

    Im going to miss your light hearted humor,
    including your continual use of


    Perhaps the best answer to your post
    when you do decide to come back is this:

    Join the server, have fun, enjoy yourself,
    do some chatting and a bit-o-killin
    and under no circumstance….
    ever….ever…ever…..ever…visit the forums.

    *you’ll just end up pulling all your hair out…
    & whatever is left will just end up turning grey*

    btw I still remember the first time you walked into the server…
    it was really cool & the beginning of a another friendship
    steve and I let u kill us the entire game 😛

    cya when u get back



    Sad to read it, pastor.
    The things u said are partly true it had beacome more then a just fun game. Too bad that some ppl has forgotten that it is just a game and not math lessons.
    I think that all of as sometimes need to think again take a step back and to understand this is only entertament, a computer game.
    One of the rerson I almost never play a rules game is that. To have to most fun u can get. No problem if the whole map is now water because 4 dh where shot 😀
    Some of the thingstools u mentioned are now being discussed in the admins forum. Some of them could be changedremoved so the game will return to be more fun than what it is now.

    I hope u will think one more time about leaving…if u take a break, cool, we all need it from time to time.




    Are you me! i leaft for 3 months for the same reason. I felt refreshed when i came back so hope this works for you. 😆

    I am trying to get things to the way they were when i joined i still have fun, but you are right ‘ MATH HAS TAKEN OVER ‘ and i was never good at that 😀

    Anyhow take care look forward to your return so i can funky your ass 😉



    What can I say other than, “I understand.”

    I might add that, if my personal experience is a guide, you’ll be unable to stay away for long. 😉

    Also, as Apache mentioned, we’re working on a few things to help make the game “more fair” in the future.

    Take care, and *clink*.





    Sorry man, been there myself.

    I will miss seeing u on the server, hope you comeback soon 😉



    Hlo-P…..Sorry to here your takin a Hacienda from the game. Darn politics anyway! Been there……felt that way too. You have come a long way in the Scorched arena my friend. Dont let the square countin,ruler usin,mathematical whizzes, chase you off. I’m still relatively new to this game–and will say this much; Save your $$-About 5th round -Buy chutes-Maybe a bubble-definately some Batts-and for sure…some gas.
    Shoot & move

    > Make em count so much–they’ll get a headache.
    Then………then………..DH-Nuke-Hog-Funkie-mirv-dig n roll….Until you see the abbreviations…………VNS…NS…GK…WOW…U-Bastage……..& in the end……..The occasional


    Dont let em fool ya

    A good instinct shooter can still hold his/her own!
    Just takes a little more work now is all–Since it’s cold outside–my chores are done–Look out Scorched land

    >Here the VIKING comes!……………..Anyone got a shovel? Gonna be some burying done!

    Hey-P.when you get rested

    I could use some help 😈



    I’ve been through the same thing myself. And, like cbx has said, I find it hard to stay away for too long. 😉

    Hope to see you again in the future. Enjoy the break.


    pastor of muppets

    I’m not leaving that is for sure I love this game too much =). I’m just taking a little break, like CBX said it is hard to stay away who knows how long the break will last maybe just a few minutes maybe a week. I do remember when I first joined this game and I was in awe of NP, Steve, cbx, and Joe as they taught me how to play in main. Mandy brought me a long in beginners teaching me the important things like saving my money and buying chutes. Naga taught me how to have a friendly rivalry where we truly love to hate eachother LOL! Viking taught me about having a real friendship in cyberspace and in all these lessons I was never told rank was THE most important thing.

    Guys I wont be gone long and thanx for all your responses. The grid counters are just taking advantage of a part of the game and I’m not upset at any of them it has just made the game not a game anymore.

    YOU MAY BE SEATED!!!!!!!!



    Yer one of the good guys PoM….take a break and come on back.
    Just hammer the weiners that get on yer nerves…… 😆



    I have been having some of the same thoughts. I swear I need to stop for awhile, but it usually lasts about 8 hours. I couldn’t agree with you more for whatever it is worth. The gridcounters and dirters really get to me. If I could find a server that allowed diggers, rollers, missiles, fuel, and no grid….I would be in heaven.

    You’re a good guy….don’t be gone long



    I only make it a week or two when i take a break from scorched. Scorched is like every-thing in life some times you just need a vacation. See you in game. 🙂



    Play mods! They can counts all the squares they want in some of the mods but there still good as dead if they don’t know the mod.



    I know what you mean by poliltics, and, I hope to see you soon. Plz give my best to Elle.

    Although, I don’t quite understand how the ‘politics’ (I don’t think that is really the right word for it) have spilled over into the server. 😕



    Just wanted to give an update, for those that didn’t know:

    all in all, PoM gave up the game we love for ahhh ummmm …lets see…yes I got it
    one whole day

    when he came back..I ran right over & gave him a hug..and said to him…

    ”a weaker man woulda caved in sooner!…you done good lad”

    welcome back bastage……wb

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