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    Apollo Tangent

    Well since a laser has a flat trajectory… and most howitzers and tanks are able to employ a – Zero trajectory to an extent… Can we see that included in the next patch? Or at least the next version?

    Maybe not so extreme as to allow -90… but at least -15 degrees might be more realistic.

    Also if anyone has a screen shot of where to point your aimsight to gain a laser kill (both Old and New P.O.V.) it would be appreciated.

    I haven’t seen a laser death yet. I’ve dabbled with it as far as Old and New POV but failed in (foot shots).

    For those of you unfamiliar with a foot shot, It’s when you aim your indicator at a short range shot on level ground with the old POV. at 1000 power.

    Typically a kill in real life, to kill a tank efficiently, you aim at the tracks. ie: foot shot.


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