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    Hey Everyone,

    I think after weeks of searching the net I finally found
    a GREAT Map Terrain generator that will work wonderfully with scorched 3D 😛

    I was looking for a simple way of creating random maps (or) Import
    just by heightmap (or) just create my own With Simple Minded QUICK tools that I could edit how ever I liked.

    the name of the small program is Terrain Generator v3.0.0 Beta Full

    I thought I would Post this helpful tool & hope it helps everyone
    in make great maps for us all to play on =)

    **this link is to the has screenshots and Description**:

    **this link is the direct download**:

    **But its reqired that you have .NET Framework v1.1 installed
    wich you can get from microsoft by going to this link**:

    On a final note I have included a snapshot of this program as I imported
    one of Apocs Caslte Map.

    I did this simply by Importing the Castle heightmap bmp
    So it looks like we found ourselfes a very usefull & SIMPLE MINDED Tool

    EnjoY every1



    Awesome find Shockwave!!! 😀 We can be assured that there’s gonna be LOTS of interesting maps on the scene in the near AND distant future.

    Though, I must say I’m looking forward some sort of random map generator 8)




    I was fooling arround with this Terrain Generator
    a bit and I figured out how simplistic it is…
    so I decided I would make a small Tutorial
    for the simple minded scorched moderator folk =P

    copy and paste this all to a notepad
    on your desktop for l8r reference.

    here is how to use/export/import a map

    1) open the program and from the very top drop down menu under
    “file” select (new) a small box will pop up asking how large the scale of the map you want it to generate. ” and ofcourse scorched only
    supports 256 x 256″

    so fill in the first top 2 boxes labeled X Triangles
    and Y Triangles both 256 then the bottom box Labeled Triangle Size
    is how many triangle grid boxes the map is going to generate and we Dont want too many so the most I would put in that box is 100

    2) oK now choose ok and it will generate basically the grid size
    Now then you should see a gridmap in the window and “Just like scorched”
    Hold & use your right mouse button to competely get a 3d camera of the
    entire map to zoom in or move left or right use the arrow keys

    ok now we need to get the grid map lighting to look and feel 3d
    so just make sure the following boxes are checked from the drop down menu at the top click VIEW and select WIREFRAME
    then select view again and then hover mouse arrow over OUTLINE
    and choose POINTS

    note you can always choose a grid map or solid surface with color or greyscale for variouse uses =) I like using solid with color because it shows the map layers in different colors in a height scale.

    then make sure LIGHTMAP is checked under VIEW
    then under VIEW / LIGHTMAP OPTIONS make sure these boxes are checked: Directional, Smooth Shaded, Color scale,& Auto update lightmap.

    OK we are ready to import a bmp map

    click on the drop down menu labeled Terrain and choose Generate
    a box will pop up next check the box labled heightmap .
    then fill in the scale box with 10.00 and click
    the tiny browse box labled ” … ” and import a map from
    scorched landscapes directory then click generate button
    it thinks for a second and then loads it in

    Now look at the small boxes with small pictures hanging over the 3d
    view window those are all your movement tools

    fiddle arround with them by clicking and draging the surface arround
    with your mouse to start off choose the one named mountain/valley
    tool place your arrow anywhere on the map and left click and drag
    in an upwards (or) downwards motion and I get the feeling by now
    you are getting the hang of that

    now to export your map choose from the dropdown menu labeled
    FILE then EXPORT then choose HEIGHTMAP a popup window
    will appear allowing you to choose the name and folder to export
    ofcourse put it in scorched/landscapes

    one final not: when it exports the bmp heightmap you NEED to go back
    into the scorched/landscapes folder and right click on the map
    you just made and choose edit then change the size attributes to
    256x 256 ( for some unknown reason at this time it exports it 257 x 257
    so anyways from the dropdown menu in paintbrush under IMAGE
    then ATTRIBUTES make sure its 256×256 and save the changes

    then it’s all a matter of making the script lines in your landscapes.xml
    for your new map and a mask-pic for it

    I learned it all just by tinkering with it for an hour or so but there are
    actual tutorials on that guys website that you can use

    I hope this helped some of you and I don’t get carpal tundral from writing this



    Terragen is also a great freeware map generator.


    A Moogle

    for some reason, when I export the map, put the lines into the files, and start scorched, the maps are skewed 45 degrees.

    why does this happen?

    frustration building…


    A Moogle

    the page has moved fyi

    here is the new link.



    Goog ol’ Nem’s tools. I use his GCFscape… If you look deeper in his site you’ll see where he himself started a Scorched 3D project. There are pics there as well. It was looking good too.



    @deathstryker wrote:

    Goog ol’ Nem’s tools. I use his GCFscape… If you look deeper in his site you’ll see where he himself started a Scorched 3D project. There are pics there as well. It was looking good too.

    Yeah everyone and their dog has a go at the Scorched in 3D project, when will people get an imagination 😉

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