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    I looked over the todo list so this time I hope I wont be repeating whats there . . but I was thinking about the following:

    For starters lets look at existing . . the “I” button.. can we have this broken apeart or something? Typicly a person would want everything turned on (name, power rating, sheild rating, guide, etc)… but if a person accedently hits the “I” button, now they gotta hit it again about what 15 times? Maybe make a shortcut command like Alt+I = allon / alloff.

    Next is, for viewing ranks people go figure hit M then hit enter.. “Willis”->”Willis” Welcome Back “Willis” your “Rank”.

    Why not have a seperate command FOR that? I dont know if its taken up at this time but if its not, just have R, a minor confirm screen, (so people dont do it repeditively) and have it allowed to be used at any time (dead or alive). . maybe set it so only can be done once per round. (again so people do not flood the room with it.. belive me I can see it being done).

    The only other thing on my mind right now would be allow idunno maybe the kill/shot ratio to be accessed while in game. I dunno how paractical that would be but, I like to watch my ratio πŸ™‚

    Anyone have anything to add to this?



    yes, please remove the “i” key or something. I tried to edit it and leave it blank but it kept crashing on start up. I would prefer not having it at all since i use about every key on the board.

    I thinkg gavin is looking at some change to the “m” key functionality, since everytime it is used it counts as a new connect, which artificially inflates the “Times connected” stat. Why not make the ranking button the “i” key and have it make a little window like the kibitzing window, viewable only to the player who “requests” it? Then to that window you could add the kill and shot ratios and maybe the total kills. Just something to keep the chat window and console clear.



    agreed, heck you can probably just remove that kibitzing window, no offense but the only thing I’ve ever had with it is explaining to some random person what that even means. Which quite frankly if someone dosnt want others to give them advice.. instead of throwing up a window which gets in THEIR way, that person should just turn around and give the yappers a peice of his/her mind. 😈 If anything at least change the message to say something more understandable.. like “STFU. . . Please.” (humor intended)



    Willis, you’re not going to believe this, but I agree with you! I think your ALT-I I idea is perfect (ALT-I turning all on)

    While we’re on the topic, there’s something I’ve been thinking about:

    I think it would be nice to have a window that you could pop up anytime that would show a) your inventory, and b) The trajectory info of your last (or present) shot.




    @[PDX]EboniteΒ² wrote:

    Why not make the ranking button … make a little window like the kibitzing window, viewable only to the player who “requests” it? Then to that window you could add the kill and shot ratios and maybe the total kills. Just something to keep the chat window and console clear.

    I like the way this sounds the best. If the rank had its own key and was displayed to the user via a dialog (like kibitzing) to the player who requests them. This way, the player could then just keep his/her rank to themself if they so desired. Ideally I think there would then be some kind of way to share the info with everyone else on the server if they wanted to. Whether it be a button on the stat dialog that broadcasts the stats over chat and disables the broadcast button (or closes the stat window) or an actual way to copy the info and functionality for pasting things into the chat window. The latter would be handy for pasting URLs and so forth as well but would open up potential for chat spamming without some limit on how often a player can send a message.

    I also like the idea of adding a few other stats to the dialog like total shots, kills and the weighted kill ratio [(kills-selfkills-teamkills)/shots]. It just would be cool to be able to get a little more real-time info from the source database itself while you are playing, rather than having to wait for the updates every hour. A limit on how often the requests can be performed might not be a bad idea either like Willis said. Maybe just once per turn even to ensure that people can’t use it to flood the server as mentioned.

    Just thought I’d share my thoughts on the subject.



    The info key (i) is an easy one as it has already been changed, it now pops up a dialog to set/unset each option. If you never use it you could edit keys.xml and remove the i line from the file and that should it from appearing.



    The stats question is more open I have already changed it so it only says “welcome back” once for each connect but the stats are still accessed the same way.

    There are several options here as I see it:-
    1. Leave it the same.
    2. Still use the team dialog but only send the message to the user that requested it.
    3. A new stat dialog.
    4. Some kind of console command.

    I do like the idea of being able to add new stats options as well though, kills per death etc…



    OK, i like the changes to the “i”nfo key. my particular problem was that sometimes pressing “t” for chatting would not register (notorious during massive explosions), and I’d merrily start typing my message, and if I happened to use an “i” in the text, I’d look up and see that I couldn’t see, see? All the little indicators would be gone from the tanks, so here comes 15 manic presses of the “i” key to get everything back. not to mention the server message and the change name/tank menu popping up if I had used those keys as well. 😳



    I see Ebon we have more in common then one could think πŸ˜† .. just be carefull when that happens not to hit the F button if u havent shot (although now typin durin shot time is almost askin for a missed shot – – no complaints on this from me) . .



    ooh, yah, spacebar gets hit rather frequently while chatting…. πŸ™„



    I’m pretty new to this but maybe theres a way to put the players ranking next to their name on the scoreboard so everyone could see each others rank. Just a thought from a newbie.



    oh, sure, leave the newbie to come up with a *simple* solution… πŸ˜‰



    This is not a good time to get jealous, Ebonite. Green is not your color. πŸ˜‰

    But the n00b makes a very simple and yet, simple suggestion. Sounds like that would take care of just about everyone.

    Well, except for Willis. There’s just no pleasing him.

    So for the n00b, I give a hearty CONGRATS!!!!!

    Here, have some rollers on me. 😯



    Well, except for Willis. There’s just no pleasing him.

    FINALLY someone who understands me πŸ˜›

    But ok seriouly, I like this idea too its like nice karma, but lets ALSO have that seperate window for personal viewing of multiple statistic.

    Hey on this note, maybe in this window besides global stats, lets have some specific game stats, becuase I know like right now .. im stinkin up the place, while others I could be ona hot-streak. If not game, “connect” specific (say you stuck around to play 3 games backtoback) . .



    I LOVE the new ‘i’ HUD configuration window. That’s WAY better than scrolling through 2^4 number of choices.

    Wowbagger’s idea of displaying everyone’s rank in the Status Window is so obvious, it’s brilliant. However, you should leave the ability to select a new tank which then displays your rank as a form of trash talking — forcing everyone else to see your rank momentarily.

    The kibitzing window should be removed. Ironically, the kibitzing window can be used to kibitz — anyone can press the darn thing, everybody sees the stupid kibitzing window, but nobody knows who did it! Thus, one or more players can constantly annoy everyone else with the stupid kibitzing window. Not that I’ve seen this happen more than once. Besides players’ smack talk seems to police itself anyways, even when people start smack talking like 5-year-old jackasses.

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