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    @turgond wrote:

    @willis wrote:

    You cannot force a condition on another person, you can only agree with your peers to play a certain way. If someone enters that dosn’t agree, TOO BAD.

    What you’re trying to do is the same as if you were playing soccer on a PUBLIC field and before the game everyone agreed to some change in the standard rules (CONDITONS) for that game only when someone else shows up, joins the game and then says “I don’t like that. I’m not going to play that way. I’m only going to play normal.”

    Turgond, I love the sports connection, I do that too, to keep things in perspective. First a minor point, you have incorrectly associated a team game (soccer) with an in individual game (Scorched3d FFA). Next ,you unfairly trivialized the nature of the Rules and/or Condtions that we are addressing here. In regards to sports, some addtional rules may be practical for the situation, such as, soccer in a small area, requiring goals to be “on the ground”. Some rules are impractical to the sport, hence If a player joins a game of soccer/bball or golf for instance and the current players have all decided to only use their left hands or feet for instance, well, that is fine and good fun, but they should not be supprised that (in an OPEN game) that a new player would come along and decide that they wanted to play normally. Also bear in mind, on the sports field, the players are limited to a geographical area, and often other factors such as age, sex, skill etc…. In this instance we are talking about a WORLDWIDE PUBLIC SERVER!

    It does ruin the game (really??, does it??) for everyone else who was previously enjoying the game with the agreed upon rules (CONDITIONS) before the game started. I just find this atitude very childish. (As this is an atitude I most often see displayed between children trying to play together.) What is the big deal with just waiting until the game (see above for definition) ends and letting the other people using this PUBLIC server enjoy the finish of their game?
    Turgond, The issue at hand is courtesy, a quality that you, as yet, have not displayed. A courteous player, will include whoever comes along, furthermore, a respected player, should mediate disputes and work out differences. An ability I hope you will learn to develop.
    adj : indicating a lack of maturity; “childish tantrums”; “infantile behavior” [syn: infantile]

    In conclusion:
    is it rude to make an set rule that new players must adhere to whether aware of the rule beforehand or not? YES

    Is it rude to come along and spoil a game with rules just because you can?
    PERHAPS YES, if done for the sake of spoiling the fun.

    Is it courteous to follow a rule for the remainder of a game once aware of the rule.

    Is it courteous to relax the rules or ignor the rule for the new player, if they dont like it.



    I must say I liked the “soccer pitch” analogy – quite thought provoking. If you showed up to the neighbourhood pitch for a game, and they said “we’re playing 5 minute halves”, or “if a team gets 5 goals in a row, we mix up the teams” or whatever, a person should go along with it. But, what if you showed up to the pitch and they said “You can only kick with the left foot”, or “The goalie cannot use his hands”, or any other rule change that changes the very nature of the game? In a “rules” game, I think some people feel like they are playing tennis with a badminton raquet.

    I’ll admit something, I like a conditions* game. The Kid and I have played a few lately…. the main reason I agree is that it’s just the two of us, so no worries about confusion, and, more importantly, I know I’ll have buckets of money when others show up.

    Think about that. If you’re in an MCB game, and in round 6 some dude shows up and doesn’t want to, you likely have $100k+, and he has 30k. Who has the advantage? You’re game conditions have put you in position to kick the royal butt off of the new joiner! lol

    One BIG thing people have to be cautious of in conditional games is new joiners – they often don’t get told soon enough, or sometimes not at all about what the desired conditions are. I’ve joined a game around round 5 or 6 before, and bought shields, chutes, rollers, and diggers, and THEN gotten told it was MCB. I must say that I was a little more than miffed. And they wouldn’t back down, so I decided “I’ll play their game for now, until the fresh game” and I wound up leaving in disgust in the next game when, in round 2, after NUMEROUS times saying I did not wish for MCB, I used a digger and got blasted. The trouble with conditions is that when there’s more than a couple people, it’s difficult to tell if everyone agrees. During the buy etc people are busy and may not look at the chat, and hence may miss it. That’s why I try to stick with using conditions only when there’s a very small number of players.

    my $0.02


    Thanks, Willis. I think that is a very accurate term


    Crispy Critter

    @cbx550f wrote:

    Think about that. If you’re in an MCB game, and in round 6 some dude shows up and doesn’t want to, you likely have $100k+, and he has 30k. Who has the advantage? You’re game conditions have put you in position to kick the royal butt off of the new joiner! lol

    Exactly. That’s why I go with the rules if I join into an MCB game. Even though it’ll be unlikely that I end up with $100K, still, $30K is enough for a DH – and once it’s round 10, all bets are off. 😈



    So, please dont’t start all first rounds with MCB !!! 🙄 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈



    rules are rules that are in the server, if you get to buy, then you buy and CAN use it and play as you want, otherwise , if that wasnt the case, you wouldnt be allowed to do that anyway
    [and yes, those temporary rules are agreed by all till violated by anyone, then normal rules prevail]
    I agree with CBX aswell as BOY
    And I guess, this seems to be the same admin due to whom I left playing on the scorched servers too.

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