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    dreamed of pillaging Deathstryker’ PC………..Only to find out later that



    that he really wasn’t dreaming ….



    DS said you are so dead Viking


    Laptops Daddy

    @irishbandit wrote:

    DS said “You are so. Dead Viking

    scare me more than green monkey, and



    Irishbandit wrote:
    DS said “You are so. Dead Viking”….

    L/D wrote: edited…
    and it scares me more than green monkey, and…..

    Vike writes:
    ➡ Cowbells & mandy break dancin to “Stayin Alive” via da Bee-Gee’s;




    then he woke up.



    Then CBX walked in and…



    @jdog wrote:

    Then CBX walked in and…

    had taken all the



    the beer, which made Cowbells really….



    tingly in all the wrong places. But the porkchop…


    Laptops Daddy

    @nomoresteve wrote:

    tingly in all the wrong places. “But the porkchop…

    oh the porkchop, beaconing as the…

    21 is 3 7’s



    About your request picci-

    It was a stormy night, but I really needed to find my duck tape, curling iron, bowling ball, and cookies, but Ebo stole everyone’s pants. We all pyramid rode CBX’s motorcycle to Bob’s place. Poor Bob was just about green with envy, he wanted a mullet too. So much so that he grabbed the flowbee.

    Boy was jealous, and stole said flowbee, which made Bob’s cat “Pissy” very worried, because last time…….. Steve tried to put it to work as Don King’s hairpiece. But realized that would require more cats, and likely make the cats form a union! So began the Federal Association Relegating Cat Equality.

    Untill deputy JDog showed up, and pulled his radio out to call for backup, “Sherriff? We need kitty litter, something really stinks around here.” “It’s raining, should I use the clumping litter?” Yes… and add a little cement also to help with the stench that is Bon Jovi, who thought he could use the FARCE, but health insurance only covers 80%.

    Therefore, Bob’s cat would really like to get his paws on the bastage who glued the bowling ball to its union leader. Such bastigiousness hasn’t happened since we threw a foreman into the glue vat filled with Spam! Bastage had SpamBlocker, though, and fell asleep. Nightmares filled his dreams causing a large quantity of spam to be ingested which a virtual colon cleansing couldn’t have been more appropriate, said his wife.

    Meanwhile, Pissy has been collenting weapons to launch her biggest plan to date: The hostile takeover of Google. With her new friend Pitr, dominance was inevitable. Although, Pitr began feeling Pissy, distracting both of by showing up in a pink g string that Noob gave him for Valentine’s day.

    Both Pitr and Pissy had wondered about Noob, until Pitr remembered the gstring was from dustpuppy. So he fired a shot into the roof which is now on fire, no water needed… except for cooling nms’ buns-a-steel video; Which enraged Noob. After all, he never received his copy of the video.

    He suspected Bob was making copies, but had no proof. Except nms left the lens cap on the beaver, which slapped his tail and the people rejoiced, for they have never seen anyone crack a walnut with thier butt cheeks! Luckily, DW recorded it. Beaver, and all. Which he then posted to youtube
    which strangely enough, BOY made a poll about it.

    Dispite all this, CBX was busy trying to recover from his prescription of MORE COWBELL! After reading all of Jdogs spam SomeGuy went to work on his latest creation.. G-Strings for the elderly, made out of cats! This enraged F.A.R.C.E. “Pissy” took action and put on her BOBIROV green Super hero suit!

    “FEEL THIS!” was embroidered onto her cape.

    Mena while, Some Guy cought wind of Pissy’s plot to crash his servers so that He would be to busy fixing them to try out for American Idol. After all of the viewers rip their own ears off Don King decided to rectify the situation by convincing mike Tyson to put on his tutu,

    This reminded Pissy of the time that Bob auditioned for Idol… IN HER SUPERHERO SUIT! He forgot one word in the song “Tequila”. Scary, since the word was on his bottle. But he somehow finished the song and Spectrum was impressed.

    Actually, all were impressed that it was over. But not imressed enough to to overlook NoMoreSteve’s mistakes in his song, that made Simon burst into laughing. In the end NMS, was told that he needs more cowbell, but had better hair than Pissy and Bob! Untill DireWolf removed Steve’s wig revealing that he was Don King, himself! “GADZOOKS”. Bob passed out right on the spot. Because the smell was so Horendous, like the pie that he did send us that sent us to hell and back.

    Meanwhile, still raining outside, a shady figure was Climbing into his secretly concealed tank, as he…tried in vain to moralise the situation. If hind-sight is 20/20 thenVista should come pre-installed with this tank.”All your base are belong to us!”, he shouted!and let out a sigh of dismay as hediscovered he packed Preparation H, not toothpaste.yet still applied Ben-Gay instead of Preparation H.which reminded him that he has a datewith his doctor about something being on fireBut as usual, Willis missed it.and had to reshedual. Meanwhile Pissy had a…touch of antidisestablishmentarism of which…confoozled the shiznit out of everyone. Of course…the furry fandom understands thatby rubbing two turtles together you can create… .. . . . . . .deodorant. Which is much needed inside of tanks.Also need quite a few pin-up girlsWhich is more appealing than Viking’s request: cows.Meanwhile, NMS is content with Buns-o-steel pics…..silkscreened to the outside of his tank. Much joy…Was brought to the painter DIRE WOLF, who….was busy removing his eyes with a spork.And yelling OW THIS FRIKIN HURTS LIKE #@!#!…But now I will never have too see.. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. .. . .Bob feeling Pissy again!I ask “Why” you can’t shoot with no…cowbell? One must remember what The Book…of Cowbell says, only the chosen one may………feel Pissy. This disturbed Bob. Then again…could it be that he IS…working on a “Pimp My Tank” videowith Bruce Dickenson. Yes, THE Bruce Dickenson.It’s him alright, he’s wearing gold plated diapers.That Have a brown stain on the back…from polishing The Cowbell.

    Poor Bob was thinking….of going to bed, from all the…rubbing and thinking that he had done. Meanwhile…….the cowbell had begun to glow. it mustlead into a 3rd dimension, stepped inside.. . .. . .. . .. . .. .and ran for the hills from all the…noobs viewpoints, he had disappeared completely. even jdog…tank was empty with no bones to throw (edit to many words)This excited Don King. Turtle wax was needed.So CBX applied the turtlewax to Don kings………, giving it that much sought after luster.The Funky pretzel faith would consider…..quite handy in applying the wax. However, salt…peter is likely the ultimate solution toany slug infestation….that may have invaded NMS’ walnut stash.only to find them missing so he tied……..his pet squirrel “Murray” to his secret…Anti-perspirant and rubbed it on his feet for……….Valentines Day. “Sick Bastage!” Don King thought.Then a pink thong came walking in…with Ebo chasing frantically behind them.Sylvester McMonkey McBean came along, andTrying to get them back on steve…was successful because Murray fell asleep.Meanwhile, DeVice was addicted to this new game……”Space Invaders”… “Guys, you HAVE to try it!”, hesaid laughing gleefully. He then sent a bombthe “f” bomb, that is….onto Spectrum for spreading rumors about…that “rash”. Pissy was pleased at the chaos…while some guy just kept on codingBut unknow to Device, Spectrum had a teleportingshieldThat teleported without him, leaving him shieldless and…….nekkid. His leotard was stuck to the shield.Everyone eyes started to melt from the sight….Of the return of the Mistres of Spam!Suddenly Freak jumped in and he started to…announce his desire for jock itch. “Mayonnaise!”, Viking…then had the sudden urge to buy a…hairnet because his cattleprod overloaded.However the net was of low quality and…and made of spam. Then a ufo landed…which then fired a pen laser down at…the anal retentive crowd down below.Suddenly someone activated a mirror shield but it…was destroyed by BOY’S funky or HWB’s sandhogThe shield was destroyed and the pen laser…Killed Jdog, who was missed by Willis.Suddenly jdog was resurrected with 10 lives remaining!This made Pissy and Murray angry, so they….conspired with Pastor and Ellie to……………..create a list of 10 ways to kill…me.. how dear they…Number Ten-Bottomless Pit him then roller him.# 9: sandhags,Number 8-Dirt Clod and Pen Laser Him.Number 7: Pastor fills his screen with “heys”.Number 6: Pastor & Ellie chat while your aiming.Number 5-Transport on him then Laser Cannon.# 4:digg him then NaplamNumber 3: Pastor feeds him some “special” chili.Number 2-Apocalypse + Doomsday + Strangelove=StrangeApocaDoomLoveDay him.number 1 can we say cbx, no we cannot. A can of worms..But we can use a cano’ whoop-ass!Coincidentally, is the same as Colon-Blow™.meanwhile, back at the ranch, the A-Team prepared…the “Poopin Is Cool” motto for……Pissy. She was having Murdock’s kittens, after all.Which NMS thought were his, because of……the party he went to, but can’t remember..the C’mon baby light my fire lyrics.Suddenly someone started playing MC’Hammer cant touch thisand everyone got there parachute pants…and started to do the macarena. Spec realized….none of this, as he and Tone Loc….celebrated the jewish holiday: Tupac Shakur.Falco joined the celebration, singing “Rock me Amadeus”Then Spec invted Apache to join them.Bring out the spam and eggs..i do not like green eggs and spam,you will eat green eggs and spam.Dr. Seuss was pissed for the name change…So he sued Pissy for itPissy got pissed and napalmed all his books.While the thing 1&2 stole Ebo’s thong…and threw it in the napalmed booksIn effort to try and save the books…NMS poured water on the books and thongBut all the steam went into his face!He thought oh well time for aspamwich on rye with pickles. Then Ebo..said, “so long as The Book is safe”Then CBX called BOB to see what booktook the place of The Book. I’d hateto lose the last copy of it. NMS…spamwich made him hurl on Jock who promtlyjumped into his tank and ..won the Oscar for Best Supporting Bastage. Joy…For Everyone but Jinx who really wanted it…to go to Alex Lifeson. The Trailer Park Boys…where hosting a BBQ and resigned on CBX.Hobbes shed a single tear.’Cause he was prouder than a…..Jesse Jackson answering the white phone.Therefore, a battle ensued consisting of……..2 teams with one human and moron bot.The humans lost. This excited Pissy greatlyBceasue he made the bot a moron.The human team had some skill, but ………….they kept trying roof shots for kills.One shot went through the roof and hitnoman’s land per the servers buffer settings.The server hasn’t seen so many rage quitssince the great double-resign of ’06!Then Pissy had the greatest idea of all time!Unfortunately Pissy forgot the idea and after a…few seconds because of her short term memory loss.So she went out with EBO…and, after admitting that she was really a he,ditched ebo and looked all over for discuss the possibility of having children with………….but then got clunked on the head and..remembered his idea. His idea was to…eat a roastbeef on rye, with pickles.Which Sondra abosolutly loves, so Pissy made 2.Please tell me i didn’t kill this thread! I’m not posting to add to this story just to bring back up in the forums!ahhh well find that out later…and if Spectrum killed this thread……Time would stop, creating a rift between the……..Between the U.K and France..But not as bad if, DW killed it!but just as bad as ww2…Or was that ww3? either way……suddenly, i’m awaken from a deep coma to finda top hat-wearing green monkey playing a sega genesis. The monkey…took hold of his oversized…genesis controler and beat on the…bongos. he was playing a very strange…rhythm but it seemed to soothe the restless natives.Then da Viking woke from his intellectual slumber……Onlyto pass out again after drinking too much ale. While sleeping, he…dreamed of pillaging Deathstryker’ PC………..Only to find out later thatthat he really wasn’t dreaming ….DS said you are so dead Vikingscare me more than green monkey, andDS said “You are so. Dead Viking”Cowbells & mandy break dancin to “Stayin Alive” via da Bee-Gee’s;….then he woke up.Then CBX walked in and…had taken all thethe beer, which made Cowbells really….tingly in all the wrong places. But the porkchop…oh the porkchop, beaconing as the…

    meaty spark of hope in an vegan ocean…



    except for the shark..



    who dated CBX and Pissy in college.



    but shark was dumped a day after because…

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