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    Mcb Lover

    From: PeanutsRevenge
    To: Mcb Lover
    Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 11:48 pm
    Subject: You little bitch
    I still had a little respect for you.
    Then you quit like that because…..
    I had a slight chance of beating you.
    You will never be a winner in my eyes now, no matter how many games / rounds / tournaments you win, because you refuse cannot face defeat.
    Grow up little boy, to reach adulthood you need to lose now and again, otherwise you will remain an arrogant little child.

    Massive thanks to the Devs for all their selfless hard work!

    im not care that it is private message..i was kicked but anyway..that would make my day LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!






    You cant deny true love.


    Mcb Lover

    hehehe…kids loves me 😯 ….thats very well 8)

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