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    Apollo Tangent

    Multi-logs happen.

    I can skirt the ban issue (that’s simple).

    I endorse a pay to play version of this game for a few reasons:

    1) Gavin deserves it.

    2) With a CGI bin, he can get more trusted elements as far as passwords go.

    3) Instead of using a “Bandwitdh” that He can innocuously use… And not to be insulting on that matter, if He gets burned… He’s out of a job.

    4) Players that register will have to exclude themselves from cheats. That’s a solution that would prevent that hack.

    5) Not meaning to bury this game down, or discourage people from finding the “fun in it”. People who are not saavy of the tricks just turn their heads.

    I’ve done beta for probally one of the highest costing games on the internet. (retail)

    I’m on an advisory board for one specifically. I don’t promote that game openly. I do however recognize the value of scorched3d.

    Without my input to Sony, The game I participated in would probally still be off the shelves. (still in beta).

    As a Money manager, I’d advise Gavin to “Split the loss”. Furthermore not to spend time on it at all.

    As a personal friend, I’d miss it. It might be time for all the admins and players to take notice of it.

    I’m “not” trying to put words in Gavin’s mouth… I see a degredation of hierarchy and trust.

    When one is lost the other follows.

    Inshallah (~!)

    God’s willing.

    Apollo Tangent

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