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    I don’t know if this is a glitch or what so I’ll make it as a suggestion. I noticed when you are playing against bots (with shot cam view)sometimes after a bot’s turn, the camera will head in your direction like it’s your turn and then the camera view will switch to another bot right after the camera travels to you. This can be kinda dissorientating as I’m all the time thinking it’s my turn when it isn’t 😉 . It can also look kinda messy when you got the speed all the way up.



    Thanks, using your info I have fixed this now. It will be in the next release.



    Another weird camera thing is that after one has died, all the camera views are still viewable. Obviously your tank is not displayed anymore, so is there a way to disable certain views that don’t apply anymore? Tank view, Shot view, Above Tank, and the new First Person view could all be disabled when one dies. Maybe by default when one dies the camera view could switch to Spectator view.



    I’d rather still be able to select my favourite cam view mode even when dead.

    This way i can prepare for the next round, and not spend some of my precious buy or aim time on camera.

    Or if you choose to disable the “useless” viewmode mouse menus when dead, please leave the keyboard shortcut working.



    ..And thank you for fixing it gcamp.

    (EDIT: Random image placed here for the wiki. Do not remove.)

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