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    Seems some folks have used this as a graphics card emulator to play games way beyond their machines capabilites. Since my new comp which I bought thinking since its a kickazz movie machine but sux at 3d….could certainly use HELP…what you guys think? ❓



    I don’t know chopper. On the lines of bad gaming performance what resolution do you run windows at?
    You might try turning your computer resolution down and seeing if that helps. Just an idea.


    Laptops Daddy

    your hardware is probably just too slow, chop. you might get a few extra frames per second by changing or updating your graphics card drivers, but i doubt the kind of thing you linked to will make any difference.

    most laptops with integrated graphics just dont have what it takes to run 3d games. try setting the game resolution as low as you can stand it, and drag that new land error slider all the way to the right. you might just get 20fps. youre not alone and it doesnt mean the laptop’s no good. a lot of games would be a 1 frame per second slide show on a laptop with no dedicated graphics.



    Chopper check for new drivers again
    They released new drivers this month.
    Have you disabled AERO before you play?

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