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    is there any documentation that explains what all those tags do? I was trying to customize a weapon that is based on the leap frog, but couldn’t completely get the semantics of certain tags, such as etc.

    seems that those two tags have something to do with the weight of the weapon as well as how far it will jump after each explosion… anyone can provide me some details? greatly apppreciated!



    as far as i can tell arms level only refers to the destructive capabilities and really doesnt matter. when your setting up a custom game or a server you can set the arms level to decide if you just wanna blow crap up with baby missiles or death heads so its mainly up to the coder/host. i could be wrong though, ive only had the game for about 3 days and started looking into the code last night. size just means how large the radius is of the explosion. baby missile is 4 and has a very small range where as each death head warhead is somewhere in the lower 20’s. most of the tags are pretty straight forward and if you cant figure out what they mean on your own best way to is to back up the file tweak the code save it and load up the game and see whats different. for testing new weapons i recomend lowering the price to 1 and a bundle of 20 so that way you can just get in see what it does and quit;) hope that helped you. if there are anything else stick em in and ill see if i can help.

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