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    Crispy Critter

    It seems like I’ve found myself on the receiving end of an IP ban. This morning when I got up, I found that I couldn’t join games on the main server – and once the terrain was displayed I’d end up in spectator mode, unable to talk.

    The IP in question: 24.14.(redacted)

    I tried going out through a VPN connection, and I had no problems.

    What gives?



    I checked the ban lists – nothing starting with 24.14, so I dunno.



    I was there and I confirm CC report. Looked like he was stuck once he joined.

    This doesn’t look like a ban though. A banned IP couldn’t join at all, he would have been refused access on very first stage of connection, wouldn’t he ?

    CC also report having no error messages at all when that happens.


    Crispy Critter

    It appears to be something related to either (a) my IP, or (b) my provider. I tried rebooting my router, no change.

    No problem when connecting to roofmod.

    Same problem in XP or Linux.

    I haven’t tried the noob or team servers – that may be next (I’m in a cafe as I write this, btw).

    No problem connecting via the VPN link.

    How the problem unfolds:

      I connect to the main server.
      While the system is waiting to join (no terrain displayed), I can talk to others with the T key.
      Once the terrain gets displayed and I go through the MOTD and the tank selection window, I get dumped into spectator mode, and anything I type into the talk dialog never gets out. I also don’t see a “Welcome back Crispy Critter…” message.

    Connecting at a cafe – works fine.



    Check to see if your ID file ( the one in documents and settings) has been altered,

    it is something worth backing up



    Wonder if its to do with the packet size not getting through.


    Crispy Critter

    Latest report: I’m back home from the cafe, and it’s working fine.



    Guess you’ll just have to stick to drinking coffee in the Cafe. 😀



    Glad to hear it’s working – wish we knew why. ❓


    Crispy Critter

    I can use the VPN if this happens again… however, I ran into a lot of lag-outs tonight (which rarely ever happens to me). The VPN didn’t help. This may be an ISP issue.

    I ended up on roofmod with the usual bastages, though, and the roofmod server never skipped a beat for me.



    Baby, you were just meant too roof. 😉

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