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    There are a couple bleeped words, but..





    By law someone must reply to this topic or it’s a violation of the “No Thread Left Behind Act” of 2001. We could all face a $250,000 fine and/or up to five years in prison.

    This kind of humor is meant to shock you. It wants you to think Omg! Did he just say that!? Racist and sexist comedy is not for everyone and the person using it should not be suprised if some people are offended. It’s best when using
    this type of humor to include yourself in it as well. Make fun of everyone equally. Has anyone seen the movie Gran Torino ?

    Being mostly of Norwegian descent, I would not take offence if someone jokingly called me a squarehead. That really dosen’t pack the same punch as some racial slurs though.

    Ignorance breeds this kind of humor. For instance, many years ago I would joke that if Mormons drank coffee they would melt or that all Englishmen were cross-dressers. Now, I know that Mormons just shrivel a little if they drink coffee and only half of all Englishmen are cross-dressers. I’m going to go eat my lutefisk now, because I’m a squarehead.



    Naked, the discrimination you are showing against people with a certain sense of humour, is quite frankly offensive and disgusting.

    How dare you tout such prejudicial opinions. You automatically assume that such people are all ignorant? Your belief in this kind of stereotype has put me off my breakfast.

    Honestly, I thought humanity had reached a stage where we were all much more civilized than this.

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