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    The AI

    After spending two weeks with deer ticks instead of scorched, I of course had to have some ideas/questions/comments what have you.
    Most of the random stuff I have bouncing around in my head are more modders resources, so here is my go at it:

    To start off with is projectile trails, I am not sure how the work (hitting trees at 20+ mph sure, code? nothin’ doin’) but if the weren’t hard coded it could add some interesting possibility’s (like princey having his projectiles followed by a bunch of bats for spookmod, or a stream of cards for some of the random weps in my head). but then again I am not sure if it possible with the coding, a bit of clarification on that (whether or not it can be done by XML, or if I have no clue what I am talking about)



    a tag that disables the wind effect on trails would be nice also.

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