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    Apollo Tangent

    Since the servers are down, I’d like some input in the – zero possibility for aiming use (of) the laser…

    Please refer to this thread. It could add some battlefield realism. Even though lasers are not used as weapons in “real life”.

    Which brings to mind, maybe realisticly a laser guided bomb might be more appropriate than a laser weapon per se.

    (Laser guided weapons typically jump out and up to alititude then dive in on a target… Might be an interesting effect)!

    Thanks much,




    I’d prefer laser to be mostly “defense” weapon that shots down projectiles flying around you. So, you can set range of attack, and it’ll shot at any non-friendly missile entering this range (except tracers), with bigger priority for ones that are likely to hit closer(optionally). With bigger ranges, it can be made to miss sometimes.

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