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    Just a suggestion:
    Have in-game voting to mute or kick human players. If the vote passes by majority, that player would be kicked or muted immediately from that server for x hour/days. This is just a solution for dealing with alleged “griefers” who cause problems for other players in the game. It would offload some headaches from the admins.



    The amount of times a person can vote should be limited though so that a group of renegades don’t get into the server and just kick any new player that connects. I also think that instead of it passing by majority, it should have to be passed by all players (except for the one that’s being voted against). If someone is really causing that big of a problem, then that should be no problem. If you just have it pass by majority, there’s a greater chance that a group of bad apples will side with each other and kick an innocent player.

    One more precaution that should be added is that a player’s votes should be logged so that the Admins can monitor any possible abuse from hackers.

    I think it would be a nice idea to add as the Admins aren’t always in the game but I’m also afraid of abuse that this feature could bring. And that is why I say that it should be limited.



    Ok, I just noticed you have a similiar/identical topic in the complaints forum… im gonna lock it down. There’s no need to double post.

    Back on topic… Just as an informational comment…

    1) People will eventaully SPAM this feature trying to force a person off or just to be annoying. For no good reason at all.

    2) People may be muted or kicked or banned for no reason at all, then people thinking *haha lets say YES to vote!*

    3) *which decides #2* How do we decide when votes are allowed, successful, how many votes are needed, etcetcetc…



    A few years ago I played America’s Army quite a bit, and it had this feature. Most of the time, it worked quite well, solving problems just fine. But it also has two major problems:

    1. It tends to breed contempt between players when someone wants someone kicked, and then a big discussion and/or spamming the chat ensues
    2. I got mysteriously kicked two nights in a row and for reasons I cannot even begin to imagine. I never played again after that – I tried a few times, but it took the fun out of it knowing that I might get kicked at any moment without having any clue as to why.

    While I like the idea, I fear it for the reasons outlined above. It might be something that we consider putting in as a feature so that it can be implemented by those who want it?

    I might be convinced that it’s a good idea, but as of now I am unsure.

    btw, IIRC, America’s Army used something like a 75% vote to determine, with a minimum number of yes votes required as well.




    Thanks all for your feedback. Savage – Battle for Newerth also uses the voting system described above. It works very well for muting players. Also, vote spammers usually get vote-kicked or vote-muted from the server. I’ve noticed that some of the potential issues you mentioned do exist, such as voting “yes” for the hell of it when one spiteful player decides to initiate a vote-kick…However in Savage, each team has upwards of 20-30 players, many of whom don’t know all that’s going on.



    @lithium wrote:

    Just a suggestion:
    Have in-game voting to mute or kick human players.

    Looks like more evidence for additional game admins in the beginners server is mounting up again.

    I see this wanted feature creating more problems than resolving them as stated above.

    Till then here’s a couple of suggestions:

    Phase1: Use the Current “Talk Mute” command by clicking on Monitor Icon in upper left hand corner, then selecting the player which to Mute (this will only turn OFF that players chat for you while still ON for other players)

    Phase2: Buy some cool weapons and neutralize your target 😈

    Phase3: Play more Main Server (No Bots Server). Less problems in there cuz more admins are present, and the “regulars” wont allow pestering players to ruin it for everyone else.



    Brain Damage

    perhaps using giving the players the possibilty to “flag” a player to an admin? (off course will be made after a player’s voting), will not be drastic and i don’t think that people will be able to abuse as much as a kick/ban



    I dont see any real problem with the current system, if someone is being a pain with no admins around then complain on the forum, what may be a good idea is a ‘Call Admin’ button that can be pressed when required, i dont know how this could be implimented maybe it sends an email to all admins or a message via msn or something. I dont think it would be a good idea to have a voting system to kick or mute a player, its just too open for abuse, thats why we have admins isnt it?
    Is this a problem just on beginners? Admins do frequent beginners quite often! Maybe we need anoter ‘type’ of admin titled ‘Admin trainer’ just for beginners ;), possibly just more player admins required full stop.

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