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    There is a lot of activity in this forum at the moment, which is great.

    However its starting to get harder and harder to keep track of feature requests and bugs. What do people think of removing this forum and instead using some kind of dedicated bug/feature tracking tool?



    That would be a good idea I think. In what direction is the idea focused? For developers to better track new feature requests, or for players and community to better track the old and new feature requests?

    Is there something of an example from other sites that we could see?

    I just posted something the other day in general directing people asking to make sure that people put their feature requests here. Many times people are putting out ideas and requests in other forum threads and it isn’t clear that thier ideas are “heard” through the right channel.

    and yes, it is great to see all the activity!



    That sounds great. I’d suggest something like Trac or Redmine with SVN integration and a project activity feed. Personally I find Redmine much easier to use, but last I checked it had non-existent internationalization support, e.g., it would choke on non-ASCII characters in people’s names. Example of Redmine: Nexuiz tracker.



    I don’t think i understand what parasti said, but it looks like something that would be good for keeping track of whats going on. And if the forum would be open to players to make suggestions and be dedicated to have constructive discussions (doesn’t have to be open to anyone just those who want to work at improving the game)

    The regular forum can be for the regular nonsense and serious suggestions wont be drown in it.



    Yeah it would be for everyone to put ideas/suggestions/requests/bugs into. I was thinking of removing the forum though. Otherwise people probably wouldn’t use it.



    Ok, I’ve installed a bug tracker :

    I’ll try and get it up and running over the next day or so.



    I think it’s a good idea to have a better management system for keeping track of bugs but I still think we should have a place to talk about things like windows builds and stuff.

    Could we at least integrate the developer forum into the feature requests/bugs forum so it’s “Feature Requests and Development”?

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