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    A Moogle

    Well, now that I finally have time (woot) to do stuff, I may get back to working on my mod.

    After moving, then finding out that my harddrive died during the move, then trying to use Vista on a new drive, then having it mess with everything on my network, then trying to use an old copy of XP Home, then finding that it wouldn’t work right with my NAS HDD dock, then trying Fedora 10 and finding that it wouldn’t work at all… I finally went out and bought XP Pro x64. Finally, a working computer! After being compy-less on-and-off for 2 and a half months, I got the parts for a completely custom build. No side window on the case, I’m afraid.

    I see that I missed at least one update… But I will most likely start working on me mod again within the next 7 days.

    By the way – stay away from anyone who asks if you want an anti-death medicine! It turned out to be the plague of undeath!

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