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    Apollo Tangent

    See Willis, See Apache… AHEM Boi….

    I can’t be “banned”.

    See you in “game” for your spanking.

    Boi for jumping the reality ship and joining the group of “cronies” that prefer a “title” over being constructive and facing the weaker aspects of the game…

    If you have figured it out… “taunting” is somewhat acceptable in the game. It’s allowed on the forum.

    When Admins are lacking the interest to hear (any) complaint, they aren’t Admins. When Forum Moderators (censor) posts, it’s akin to the same thing.

    Turn your heads… I’m still there, behind you… Turn off your speakers to not hear me join the game and find yourself “compelled” to see what kind of shit I’ll post next.

    Ignore the posts, ignore my requests for enforcement of guidlines and rules. Bury your head in the sand…

    I rub you the wrong way because you don’t listen!

    I’ll never “Apollo” – gize… for putting you through the same “vicimization” that I’ve gone through… time and time again. (It’s your turn) and now all you can do is act against me.

    So make up your minds and discover the wealth of information in my complaints or live with the fact that I’ll pester you untill you take actions and discover for yourself “bypasses” to the program. You’re all familiar with my complaints.

    When you can back up the fact that these flaws no longer exist….

    Then you can oblige me in tossing all the insults that you care to.


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