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    Finally after about 6 weeks of hell trying to download iso distros
    off the net then realising they where *damaged* iso’s

    then re downloading & more of the same on 56k wich took 4eVER!!!
    after all that time wasted frustrated as I was, I decided to go & buy
    a $50 linux book that includes the distro dvd.

    Finally I am a linuxoid 😀

    now i can use my microshaft exploit XP cd as a frisby 😆

    naaah that would insult frisbys!

    **throws it in garbage** thats where it belongs

    woot 🙂



    this is a milestone for you, something you can look back on and say, “Yep, I did it, I’M THE MAN!” 😀

    Perhaps one day I’ll get there, best I can do for right now, is try out an alternate linux operating system off of a USB boot.

    btw, which distro did you go with?



    Cool, tell me how you get on. I still switch to windows from time to time for games etc…



    Sounds like you had a rough go of it!

    If you have any Qs, feel free to ask.




    Haven’t seen you for a while, Shock. How’s things going?



    We need you!
    Scorched3d-mods project on sourceforge.



    Welcome in the Unix world Shock 🙂

    You baby (Shockmod) still asks where you been going from time to time 🙂

    Come pay us a visit using Linux, now !



    @cbx550f wrote:

    Haven’t seen you for a while, Shock. How’s things going?

    yeah it seems I purchased an older version of the SuSe distro v9.1

    not knowingly aware there was a version 10 BAH!

    went out and got SuSe v10 last week and now I am having a driver/winmodem compatability issue now as it seems that it wont let me use my modem.

    using smppd & kinternet it seems there is a major malfunction
    in the dial out script error or something..

    it says smppd options error BAH!

    so now im back on windblows @ half partitions 70 gig total
    for linux & windows until i can resolve the flaw.

    sorry if I have’nt been able to continue in helping mod/developement
    along… but I will asap!

    cheers guys 🙂



    you just HAD to get the souped up computer contraption, if you just got the cookie-cutter Dell junk like I have I bet you wouldn’t have a driver problem.

    😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

    Sounds like quite a headache, perhaps I shall NOT do Damn Small Linux after all. HD never arrived anyway … off to leave some bad feedback at Ebay….. 🙁

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