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    below is a list of things that I and a couple of my friends would like see… ignore them if you want to:

    1. currently the tanks look way way way too small comparing to the surrounding… when we play the game, we dont even see the tank models… is it possible to make them bigger? the artists who created those models want people to see them as tanks instead of dots on the screen, or do they?

    2. is there a way to make the land size bigger? 256 is too small for weapons like death heads, because the island is gone after the 1st turn…

    3. AI names… right now the code just picks them by going down the list. it would be better if they are chosen at random. currently we are using a script to scramble the name list and dumps them into ainames.txt before launching the server.

    4. macros in talking script. If bots should be more intelligent, they must talk intelligently. From time to time, a player believes that a bot is a human and talks to it. then finds out it only a bot because it doesn’t answer or says something nonsense…. if we could have some macros in the talking script, for example, substituting the macro with a player’s name or sommething

    5. bot scheduling… the ability to configure the bots so that each one may leave the game / enter the game according to the configuration… it also helps to make them look more intelligent.

    just our 2 cents… 8)



    I second numbers 1 and 5. One of my first thoughts when I first played the game was that the models just weren’t big enough as you cannot see anything when zoomed out. And I DEFINATELY would love the ability to make bots come and go as needed to keep the server active. An example would be if the number of players drops below 3, add bots to keep it at 3 players and if number of players goes above 5 drop a bot until there are no more remaining bots.

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