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    i wanna be a modder. can you help me? i need help and ideas.
    post any ideas or tips you have please.



    Im not a modder, but there is one tip i can give you. Using larger fonts with bright colours may not help getting better info.

    Chances are some may not reply at all because of it, if you post a message it will be read by someone and usually they will help with what you want to know.

    Good luck and have fun.


    Laptops Daddy

    @nacho wrote:

    i wanna be a modder…

    wanna bes are more thraxs domain. id hate to step on his toes.

    no, im kidding, id love to.

    how about you check the forum for existing threads, then come back with some more specific questions.

    if youre completely new, start by familiarising yourself with the scorched directory structure, then download a couple of existing mods for reference.

    i like bright colours



    I like bright colours too but believe they are overrated as a way to get attention, and any attention giving effect could be cancelled out by the fact that some will see it as spamming.

    feel free to use any option

    We are all free to do whatever we choose to do, no matter what others say. Just keep in mind there are always consequences, and its always easier not to do things others wouldnt do either.

    Oh and dont break any laws of nature too, or it will bring the wrath of the illuminati upon you, they forced me to tell y`all. They control science and like the laws the way they are now.



    @nacho wrote:

    i wanna be a modder. can you help me? i need help and ideas.
    post any ideas or tips you have please.

    Oh gee.. these guy’s are a real help.. 😀

    At least you have the right direction. Asking for tips and help is the first
    step. And being young.. you could keep doing this for decades longer than
    some of us.. 😛

    Not everyone is going to be a master of every part of mod making. I personally
    have no eye for art and modeling, but i can twist the other code into almost
    any shape. In many of the more graphically intense mods, I co-produced
    them with Shock-Wave.. He’s a modeling genious.

    I suppose the beginning would be to try reading thru the code of a single
    simple weapon. While you test and examine it, you’ll get the idea of what
    code does what function. Then, move on to a more complex one and see
    if you can follow the code’s pathways to discover how it works.

    If this still boggles you after a few dozen tries, then maybe your forte isn’t in
    the weaponry but in the landscaping detail. Landscapes are made of 3 parts.
    Greyscale Image for a hightmap, Colored tiles for the land’s textures, and the
    models/effects placed upon them.
    Hightmaps are based on the black-white gradient, white being High elevation,
    and Black being Low. Whether you can do sweet creations in photoshop, or
    locate actual hightmap photo’s off the web, the results will appear on the
    arena as hills and valleys.

    Texturing them can be as high detail or low-res as you like. the images used
    are tiled across the hightmap in 3-4 layers depending on how you set the
    texture xml. In which you can also Set the sun angle, brightness, fog, water, etc.

    Poke around, I knew absolutely nothing when i started. But with the Doc’s in
    the Wiki section, plus a bit of exploring.. I seem to have done well for myself.



    thank you very much. =D>



    had a great idea for new wep. its a dirt bomb where you end up on TOP of dirt mound for anti roller ability? whatcha think? i think its good idea.

    Merge or die!



    sorry. i do not want to be a brain parasite using the ideas from others, but thank you very much.i like mods and i want make one.
    TX 😀



    @nacho wrote:

    sorry. i do not want to be a brain parasite using the ideas
    from others, but thank you very much.i like mods and i want make one.
    TX 😀

    Player suggestions are what modding is for. That’s how most of my
    creations begin; an idea made into reality. Don’t discard them so swiftly.

    That idea is readily possible as a 2 stage device. First creating a mound, then
    a short-hop teleport to the location you already are at.
    Another choice would to initialize a short-term self-dirting, layering a few sized
    mounds to create a roller-slide away from you, then removing it 5-10 sec later.
    Which has already been done in a few places before.

    As I get time, I’ll get the current mods re-opened, including a few that missed
    veiwing in v41. Then possibly Nacho and a few others will see what’s already
    out there, and pick up some ideas and pointers for themselves.



    tankx booya and trax for the ideas. lets see what i can do…

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